Instagram masks. Do you know that you can create your own masks and become very popularr in Instagram?

Instagram masks. Do you know that you can create your own masks and become very popularr in Instagram?

16 Dec 2019

Starting from August 2019, you can create masks on Instagram on your own. If you still don't know how, you may use our simple and clear checklist on this topic:

  • Download and install Spark Ar Studio;
  • Click on Create project;
  • Add an object;
  • Select face tracking and press paste;
  • Add an object;
  • Select the facial mash and press paste;
  • Adjust the size of the mask;
  • If desired, play with the settings in the upper right corner of the screen;
  • Add material. Let's play with this parameter;
  • Select the type of material;
  • Add texture. Any photo or image from your device;
  • Try on a mask. This function is placed in the upper right corner;
  • Save the mask;
  • Upload the mask for verification on Spark Ar;
  • Within 1-5 days after approval, the mask will appear in your profile!;
  • Analyze the statistics of your mask: how many people used and shared it.

It's not that complicated. Many users just don't dare to try. You don't need deep knowledge of programs for using Spark Ar Studio. Go ahead and get a chance to create your personal, authorial mask! With the help of these masks, Dasha Cher bacame extremely popular and blew up instagram. She gained a huge millionth audience in the shortest time and didn't spend a lot of money, time for promotion of her account.

Dasha Cher

Subscribing because of masks, you will stay forever

Even in 2017-2018 masks were all the same: noses/ears of bunnies, cats and other animals, the crown and the like and this touched many instagram users. Now nobody will be surprised by this. The Instagram masks have become very diverse and interesting.

The process itself became creative and millions of users wanted to create their own product. The number of effects you can use is endless! Flight of creativity and fantasy explosion! You can turn into a human chipsen or author's doll. It's not surpriing that this tool can be used for attracting new subscribers. If you manage to develop an interesting mask, new applications won't be long in coming. If your masks will be used in users' stories, the name of the mask will be published under the story, so that many people will be able to see it. There will be a link, clicking on which the name of the author of the mask will be visible. Short stories make contribution to the subscription to the developer of the mask you like. This can be used for increasing your sales if you are an owner of business account. It's quite an intersting way to promote Instagram profile. Agree?

For further promotion on Instagram you can use Zengram service and set up automatic messages sending in direct of your new followers.

You can also use the mask creation option for brand PR. Create a mask with brand logo, promotion or event.

Maskss can be transparent.

You can also create a mask with 3D effect.

Create masks based on your interests and appear in stories in the role of your favourite characters.

You can create masks not only for yourself, but for sale as well. It's a good option for making money, as large brands are also looking for such craftsmen.

After creating a mask, you can also find out the analytics of your account. Check your profile with the help of Zengram service and find out not only the quantity, but also the quality of your new followers.

Fashionable masks in winter of 2019-2020

The popularity of masks seems to be continued among both business and personal accounts.

At the same time, in order to maintain alive interest in new masks, they need to become more and more complicated. You can recall how quickly pall dogs and ears. Masks will be more used as games, opened his mouth, caught a bird ... Or as a struggle of perfomers when participants need to catch various gizmos by cord or his opponent.

Perhaps the mask will become on a large surface of the body.

Aesthetic, surrealistic masks will also gain a large audience. Can anyone get ahead in terms of girth and popularity, such a hit as the effect of a plastic face!

And of course, among the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, “decorative” masks, possibly handmade, will be popular.

To summerize, we can admit the fact that the promotion of the account by creating masks requires more thrills and quality of execution, so it will not be out of place to use professional services. Instagram has many designers who can create positive, bright and beautiful masks for you personal account or for your brand.

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