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Instagram Masks, where to find them and how to make them

Instagram Masks, where to find them and how to make them

29 Jan 2021 Tutorial

Masks on Instagram are part of folk art. Anyone can make them, just go deep into the topic and master some skills. And you can use them both for your usual leisure time and for promoting your brand.

What are masks

Masks are an option available for Stories. They can change your appearance and environment, generate random results, and much more. You can make a simple mask, which, for example, simply removes the pupils or adds freckles to the face; you can make a real work of art with complete immersion in a different setting and environment. There is a connoisseur for each.

Masks are popular with many bloggers. Almost all of them have at least three or four favorites that are regularly used. They perfectly dilute the boring picture of a conversation video, or just make it visually more beautiful. That is why many companies consider them as a way to promote.

They even launched courses on the creation of masks, since many decided that it was very profitable to make them to order. However, most of the clients later regretted the waste: the earnings from the creation of custom-made masks were not as profitable as they would have liked.

Where to find masks

Everyone probably knows how to find a tab with masks. You need to go to the story creation mode and click on the icon marked below. But there is a problem: there is only a standard set from Instagram itself. How, then, can you find unique designer masks?

If you saw a mask in someone's story that you want to use, then pay attention to the upper corner. Next to his nickname should be the nickname of the creator. Find his profile and subscribe, after which all his masks will be available to you. By the way, such users have a separate tab with their works - do not forget to look there and see.

Unfortunately, Instagram has not yet made a separate space for author's masks to make them easier to find. There are only separate accounts with collections. And yet, they are still effectively disseminated among bloggers.

How to create a mask

There are special applications for creating masks such as Spark AR. The whole process depends on what you want to end up with, so there is no universal instruction. But don't be in a hurry to get upset! Many bloggers master this craft on their own in a week of lazy poking around in the program. Of course, if you already have experience in graphic editors, then you will get used to it faster, and the result will be better.

Examples of good user-made masks:

We hope that this excursion into the world of masks has become at least a little inspiring and informative for you! Hurry up to get a favorite if you don't have one yet.

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