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Instagram promotion for free: Was it really free?

Instagram promotion for free: Was it really free?

How to promote instagram for free appears on the agenda today. A free promotion on Instagram has to be considered first when you start working with this platform. Even if you ask specialists for help, the small amount of knowledge will help you find them quicker. So what do you need to do to promote instagram for free and without expanses?

Perception: a training practice for yourself, for your instagram account promotion.

As practice shows, it’s the most difficult part. Many people avoid it and as a result they don’t get neither free instagram promotion nor paying.

The beginning is always more difficult, so it is here. On this stage you have to realize that Instagram promotion – is not an action which has the end or the beginning, but a process. CONSTANT PROCESS. You can’t just not to do anything for 2 days, and then to have a rest for a week. You have to work constantly on improving your account.

As soon as you realize that, you’ll see success on the horizon, simply don’t miss this chance now and start reaching your goal slowly but surely.

Preparation for a preparation for free instagram promotion.

No, it’s not a nonsense. Yes, we are serious. Preparation for a preparation - it’s one thing what you likely should do even before registering an account. Because it’s much better to do it right from the beginning than to redo and fix it. Here is the plan.

Make TA and business opponents analyses.

Come up with a concept, idea and value.

Fill in the profile: name and description

Note down a content-plan

Choose hashtags

Target audience analysis.

You can have a certain idea who you are working for and who needs you. Lean their values, interests, wishes, problems, which you can help solve. Based on this info you’ll build your own work.

Business opponents analyses.

Watch what they’ve been doing, what they offer, try to recognize their promotion methods. Compare yourself with them and find what’s different between you, what makes you better, what you can do better and why clients should choose you over them. Analyse the content: what’s good, what’s bad, what you like, what generates comments and likes, and think about why.

Concept, idea, value

Idea and value – are the answers on questions, which you asked yourself, while analyzing TA and business opponents.

Idea — is that what will attract to your account. It can be unique posts, good quality pictures, certain special columns. Idea - bare fact is an answer “Why a user should follow me”. Yes, nobody needs you for no special reason, it’s sad but a fact.

Value — that’s why followers won’t unfollow you and why they start to evolve from strangers to clients, customers, fans. Here use your business opponents analyses results: if t's boring texts – you should make this section more interesting, if it’s bad services, uneasy delivery – fix this problem in your business or come up with something even better, if a photo just shows a product, but all its benefits are omitted – show your product from different angles considering needs and interests !!! of your TA.

Visual concept — is a graphical picture of an idea and value. Well think over in advance how your account is going to look. It can be placing words order, color gamma, some special cool things and elements. You can use everything for that. Take photographs which you are about to post on instagram and think about, in which order you should post them so it will be beautiful.

Just remember that a few seconds – is all you’ve got to leave a user. Because your account should attract attention to a few posts at once. A person will see one post, then one more and then start following you, because everything is beautiful and interesting, but there’s no time to check it out all for now.

For this purpose there is no need to post everything at once. You can create a table which will consist of 3 columns in any document file. And here you can move, display, show. Also you can use Concept Office software.

If you want to create a complete image from many posts, then use such apps like Instagrids, Tile Pic or Pic Slit.

Style and description

Are the elements which are free on instagram by default. It’s a crime not to use them. When you start filling in your profile, make it eye-candy for people. A visitor should see it once what kind of profile it is and what you can get here. More you work on that, easier it will be to find your profile.

Also don’t forget to fill in your city, website address, your number for contacting you directly, so it recommends you when he/she starts following similar profiles.

Note down a content plan

Content plan helps to allocate post types equally and not to spam users with posts with trade offers. Create content columns, note down post topics for them and then divide them for a month for example. It will help to sustain constant balance.

Also create a pool of posts, no need to bring users to nowhere. 15-30 of quality posts will be enough, to attract people to your profile. After that create a posts content plan for a month in advance and don’t forget to renew it. It’s always easier to follow the plan than force yourself to come up with a new post every day.

You can always plan your actions in Stories or post there a situative content.

Hashtags selection.

Hashtags – is a passive way for luring followers, views, likes. We are not going to say use 5, 20, or 30 hashtags. You can use 30 max, there is no ideal amount, use as many as you need. Nowadays its role is highly overestimated, but we still stick to the idea, that we need them. But! Respect your followers and don’t just post photos with many hashtags, separate hashtags from the main text and don’t overuse them.

  1. You can choose hashtags with help of our service in this column.
  2. Come up with your own hashtags for columns content for  account navigation: for products in stock, for sale, for a column “how to use” and etc.
  3. Collect subject hastags with geo-tags, if you work in one city. Don’t abandon this idea, even when you have customers countrywide, such hashtags work better than general hashtags. Nobody is gonna look for a dress with a hashtag #dress, but more likely with #dressvoronezh. Don’t use extremely common hashtags on your topic, that will lead you to many mass-followers or useless audience.
  4. Adjoining topics hashtags
  5. Don’t forget to peek from business opponents, but don’t use their brand hashtags. Just check in case you’ve missed something.

Collect it all in one file and divide. For example you’ve collected 250 hashtags divide them into 25 small groups, 1 group – 1 post. In a bundle mix highly-, average and low-frequent hashtags. Make the list of hashtags you are going to use for Stories separately.

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