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Instagram promotion on weekends: should I turn it off?

Instagram promotion on weekends: should I turn it off?

Promotion on the weekend

Surely a person who tries not to spend more than is permissible for promotion, won't start the service on Saturday and Sunday. Just think you are saving, but you really don't see the big picture. If you will try to leave the actions on at least once, you will be able to estimate the costs and payback.

According to statistics, during weekends Instagram views are the most. If you disable the promotion due to the fact that you are relaxing at this time, Zen-promo will do everything for you.

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It's interesting because niche targeting on weekends is as rare as advertising in Stories but in vain. Due to the fact that this niche is little used, you can stand out from the rest.

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How to get to the first position when launching targeted advertising?

If you decide to take advantage of a situation in which filling news feed with advertising posts is rare, then you should familiarize yourself with such moments.

  • Time. Each audience has its own “famous time”, when there are more views and, accordingly, things are going better. In our case, the weekend time is a morning post at approximately 9-10 am, as well as evening one at 21:00-23:00. It's difficult to determine the exact time, but the essence is clear, and it remains only to experiment.
  • Theme. On days off you have to rest, but not to load users with commercial offers. In order to increase the involvement and not scare away the audience with annoying ads, think up a topic that is suitable for discussion, so that people must pay attention to the post and write a comment. Believe me, this will improve performance, and you won't be forgotten.
  • There is one more thing left: what is the best way to promote an account on weekends through Zen-promo? If everything is clear with the posts, then what to do with the rest?

Packing Services on Instagram

Zen-promo offers an effective weekend targeting

On Zen-promo, you can find a huge number of functions and "gadgets" that help in promotion, but at the weekend the approach is slightly different.

  • Mutual likes. Prepare an interesting post on a weekend theme. Then include the next weapon — likes. In automatic mode, everyone will receive “like” from your list in order to attract to your page as many people as possible.
  • Autodirect. If you decide not to turn off advertising at weekends, it will be logical to connect the Autodirect. Why? You are also a person who needs to rest, so provide everything to a program that will welcome others instead of you and pay attention to everyone who has just followed your page. Also, don't forget to write a few examples that the Autodirect will send different messages.
  • Hashtags. Add to your corporate hashtag the name of the weekday, more precisely, the day off. For example, #Saturdayismyweekday or #weekdaywith_the "company name". By this tag, you will be easier to find, and you will be remembered more than competitors.
  • Work speed. Believe me, there are a lot more people on Instagram, which means that the speed of actions, posting and commenting should be higher. To do this, use the switch and reach as much audience as possible!

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Who is the target client on Instagram

So, we will consider some examples. This is the wedding host page, and she came up with this — added the popular #Thursday hashtag. You may think “What is unusual?”. If you look, then she wrote her and the ceremony names, as well as the place and the area in which she work. Great advertising!

And this is an advertisement of a singer/songwriter who followed everyone with the #weekendwentwell hashtag. People paid attention to the text and the picture, which speaks for itself. Believe me, the person who made this advertisement had not only the good weekend but also the profit.

Or use Autodirect. For example, you can show profitable offers.

Mass-following 2.0 opens up fresh opportunities for Zen-promo users

New! Mass-following 2.0 — only on Zen-promo!

Yes, this is more obvious advertising, but if a person finds out about discounts or bonuses that are valid this weekend, he will certainly want to get them.

Like through Zen-promo. Believe me, every day off you have to observe such a picture: strangers give likes, and, of course, it becomes interesting who.

This time it turned out to be a person who keeps a blog about fashion and make up. The topic is intriguing because the talented woman gets +1 to her followers list.

Why mass-following?

This is the easiest method of promotion. Despite the death predictions, it's still alive. Mass-following and mass-liking mean an automated account promotion, during which a special service like Zenfram follows the accounts of your target audience.

Instagram equates such actions as spam, so you cannot officially use them. Even if you manually actively follow everyone in a row — this is also spam, and you can get a temporary block on your actions.

How to Promote Your Blog on Instagram the Smart Way With Zen-promo

Why is this method still alive? Because it's a great time saver. You set up the service once, and then it works automatically. This is very useful on weekends. Take a couple of hours to deal with the selected service and the results will be awesome.

If you have funny and curious content — it’s better to leave it for Friday. At the end of the working week, your followers will expect fun and easy information, memorable photos.

During the weekends, add interesting and unobtrusive information to your followers' Instagram feed as on Friday.

And one more important point.

If you manage an Instagram account which follow a large number of users, then you should remember about time zones.

Your audience can be in different time zones: PST, EST or GMT. Then you need to consider each region.

Automatic posting services very often contain a function of time zone selection and adaptation. You can automatically determine the time zones or select the desired option.

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It makes sense not to turn off advertising on the weekend. If you are worried about the fact that your budget will be wasted, think and make a perfect posting schedule, come up with interesting topics for publications and try to discover effective work for those days when everyone is resting!

As you can see, the posting time on Instagram should be an important issue in your content strategy. We hope this article will help to pay more attention to the frequency and time of publication and will lead you to success. If you have some thoughts about the posting on weekend on Instagram and useful tips, please write about it in the comments.

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