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Instagram purchases statisctics and setting of a targeted advertising

Instagram purchases statisctics and setting of a targeted advertising

Instagram has evolved from the personal photo store into a platform for promoting goods and services. Content attracts users such as lifestyle blogs of famous personalities, bright travel moments, sport, music. Companies can promote their products to the audience, increase loyalty and provide direct sales. Some experts argue that Instagram isn't intended for sales. Their opinion is refuted by dozens of Instagram landings, aimed only at private deals. Targeted advertising will help convey the company's offer to the audience.

Niches within Instagram

Goods and services on Instagram: how, to whom, why

Instagram has a reputation as a social network for the audience of 18-35 years. The sphere of its influence is expanding but it's unlikely that goods for the older generation will go well there. For advertising in this social network are ideal:

  • Beauty and health goods;
  • Clothes, shoes, and bags;
  • Hand-made and home-made cakes;
  • Food delivery;
  • Beauty offers such as nail service, eyelash extension, eyebrow sculpture, cosmetology;
  • Fitness and body modeling;
  • Watches and accessories;
  • Services for tourists;
  • Fashionable gadgets

Earlier experts agreed with the opinion that Instagram is a women's social network where you can find direct contact with young mothers, middle-level office employees, and housewives. Girls actively buy clothes and choose beauty services. For the masters of this sphere, the network has long become something of a portfolio.

Since 2016, demography has gradually changed. More and more men's accounts are becoming. Lifestyle blogs appear. Men move from sports, cars and travel segments to blogs of "general" themes.

Important: the b-2-b segment maintenance services, gadgets, high technologies, machines, materials are still not suitable. Slightly worse than household services are perceived by the audience legal, accounting and realtor accounts. The new trend on Instagram is information blogs for small businesses.

A separate segment is an informational business and network marketing. Ideas vendors actively promote their online schools, courses, and teaching materials. Moreover, they teach everything on Instagram: from ways to get married to copywriting and web development.

Let's say the niche is suitable for promotion, the budget is calculated. It remains to set the targeted advertising. Instagram is a subsidiary of Facebook, so you have to deal with the complex administration of this social network.

Where to get ideas for Instagram posts

Setting up targeted ads

The preparation should be as follows:

  • Defining the purpose of your advertising campaign: to ensure the recognition of your blog, "subscribe" users or sell your product directly;
  • The analysis of your target audience: for this, you can follow the statistics of those who used to subscribe, buy, or sell, and answer own questions about the age, gender, and location of your target audience;
  • Target-setting: for each segment of your TA is made a separate ad. It's unlikely that women will attract the picture with a beautiful girl on a car hood, and men are unlikely to like flatlay with a scattering of cosmetics, a cup of coffee and car keys;
  • Content selection

For experiments, we need posts to which we will "pour" traffic. Here everything isn't easy:

  • Facebook reduces coverage when displaying ads from a photo that has too much text on it. People's favorite circles with letters from Snapseed you better leave for informative posts;
  • Your post must represent a product or service from the beneficial side, attract your consumer and solve his problem. It's better to hire a copywriter to write a post if such things aren't for you;
  • The post or ad should be targeted at the purpose of your advertising campaign. A quality picture and a small text can ensure recognition but today is more difficult to force people to subscribe for you. Here you need to know your target audience better and present their problems;
  • Your photo should be attractive, but not too much. Since 2018, Instagram has been struggling with the invasion of "professionals and sellers" of all kinds. Therefore, professional photoshoots can reduce your coverage. Sometimes for selling posts, SMM-specialists use high-quality photos made with the phone

Important: by skipping this stage, the user "leaks" more money to show posts that don't attract the audience

How to identify the right audience on Instagram

The technical setting of targeted advertising on Instagram

Step 1: Accounts linking

Go to the admin panel and make your account "Business". The social network will suggest connecting your account to Facebook. You can do this by specifying the complete page or you can create a new one. When your Facebook account is created, click on "Campaign Settings" in the upper right corner. The "Business Manager" panel will be loaded.

Step 2 Selecting your campaign goal

Find the "Create an announcement" tab in the business manager and choose:

  • Brand or a blog awareness;
  • Landing pages;
  • Conversion

Awareness provides more impressions to your audience that already interacted with your blog. Landings are aimed at collecting followers, and conversion is aimed at buying or filling out the form.

Step 3: Set up your audience

If we are looking for landings or recognition, we choose:

  • City, country, place of residence or location;
  • Gender and age

In the case of conversion, everything is a bit more complicated. It's necessary to note a site to which advertising will lead a potential buyer, and set demographic characteristics. The difference from VK Target setting is precisely in the choice between landings, recognition, and conversion. For this purposes, Facebook shows advertising with different algorithms.

After the demography, you need to edit the placement, note types of devices on which your ads will be shown, and remove the tick everywhere except Instagram.

Step 4: Set up a delivery schedule and budget

To select your advertising schedule and indicate the budget is used an appropriate tab. Before adjusting this, specify the actual cost of a click in your niche, and look in the statistics of your Instagram business account when the target audience is most active.

Step 5 Ads creating

Facebook allows you to write a new ad or advertise a certain post. You can choose the format of your Instagram post. It can be a video, a series of pictures (slideshow) or one photo and text.

Retargeting or setting up an audience that already interacted with your account

Instagram retargeting is more complicated. It allows you to attract to your blog an audience that previously viewed it or put it likes. To set up such an advertisement, you need to create an individual list in order to display your ad on Facebook.

In the control panel, select "Create a custom audience" and choose users from the list. Then will be offered various types of interaction with your account (Direct messaging, users interacting with your account, those people who enter your page). You can choose an option, and customize the list to display ads. In addition, there is a function called "Lookalike Audience". It's used not to manually analyze the audience.

Work of algorithms Instagram - what is the secret?

Thus, in Facebook, retargeting not only allows you to set up advertising for those who have already been in your account. It also can expand users at the expense of people who are similar to active users by parameters.

When your Instagram and Facebook accounts are linked, a quick configuration of your post advertisement can be conducted from Instagram itself. You need to click on "Promote", and then you will automatically go to the control panel of your advertisement settings. Later the scheme will be similar. How many posts need to be promoted? It all depends on your budget, segment, and activity of the target audience. Here you need to experiment and see what gives the best results to your audience.

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