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Instagram updates summer 2018

Instagram updates summer 2018

Instagram announces updates one after another:

Two important features were added on July, 11. They are available around the world


Instagram Collections were available for commercial records back in February. Collections allow you to create slides with links to sites (for example, a product card).

The developers claim that this feature increases conversion by 6.3 %, reducing advertising costs by 42%.


Since July 11, 2018 Shopping Bag icons in Instagram Stories became available.

Such icons are placed on any product image in Stories, when you click different scenarios are available, and you can add several pieces.

This option can have a significant impact on sales rates, as 33% of Instagram users find the brand more attractive if it posts in Stories.

You can read more about trading tags here.

Algorithm secrets

In late spring 2018 managers of the social network Instagram service published breaking news for journalists specializing in IT. From the Instagram representatives, the world learned the principle of the algorithm, which determines the sequence in which publications are shown in the user`s feed. The most detailed report on the basic principles of prioritizing publications that affect promotion, made TechCrunch.

According to service managers, the chronological tape prevented the network from developing, and it was sufficient to refuse it. While there was no algorithmic formation, subscribers missed 70 % of publications from subscribed accounts. Also missed half of the friends` posts. With the introduction of the algorithm, the user can see an average of nine-tenths of what is published by his closest friends. A new method for determining the sequence exists long enough for its usefulness to the majority of the 800 million Instagram users has been statistically proven.

The managers also made it clear in an interview, that the new algorithm is here to stay. The return to the former priority system in the nearest future is not expected. After all, the innovation has already been successfully tested and even brought developers a significant additional profit.

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Factors and signals

The order of uploading photo and video materials within the feed is provided by machine algorithms. As explained by Instagram representative Julian Gutman, these programs are self-learning. They take into account individual factors, so two users subscribed to the same things can receive completely different information in their feeds. What does the system take into account, automatically determining the preferences of a subscriber? There is a number of parameters that determine the individual order of publications display below.

Instagram algorithm tries to determine the presence and interest level according to the found records with which the user interacted before. With the help of machine vision, the system can recognize what is depicted in the photo or shown in the video. The order of placement is also determined by the time of publications. The sooner the publication is made, the sooner it will be shown.

A lot of things are also determined by the relationship of the user with the author of the publication. The level of such proximity is calculated by the number of comments from each other and posts where both have been marked together or under which both have likes.

These are the main factors that affect the work of the algorithm. In addition to them, there are also additional signals:

Much of Instagram now depends on the frequency with which a particular account is opened by the user. The more often it is opened, the faster the posts published in it will be shown in the user's feed. If the social network is opened only for a few minutes a day, the algorithm shows the user only those materials that he considers the best. And if you spend a lot of time in it, you will be shown a lot more different publications.

The larger the number of subscriptions, the lower the probability that the publication of a particular user will catch your eye, because the system has to make a choice among a large number of publications.

Other factors that allegedly affect the algorithm's preferences are nothing more than myths.

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The myths of the new Instagram

In addition to specifying the real factors that guide the algorithm, several myths related to it were refuted.

In this social network publications are not hidden under any circumstances: if you view it for a long time, flipping through the pages, you can see everything that was in the user-selected subscriptions. Just because of the above factors and signals, some of the publications are far behind and not visible at once.

The system does not have any preferences for photographic materials and videos, although many suggest the opposite. This myth was born due to the fact that users often prefer accounts with numerous photos and videos, and the new algorithm meets their preferences.

The algorithm does not encourage the authors of Stories and live streams — the system evaluates these publications on an equal basis with others.

There are no punishments for frequent publications, numerous hashtags and other "liberties".

There is no extra coverage for personal pages or business profiles, so the user doesn't win anything by switching to them. However, there is nothing to lose.

Advantages when switching to a business account in Instagram

About "shadowban"

Special mention deserves another extremely tenacious myth the so-called shadowban. The essence of it is the statement that there is a kind of sanctions, as a result of which when searching for the hashtag post will not be visible and only subscribers will be able to view it. This legend is so popular that Google is full of requests to avoid shadowban. Are there hashtag search limits in fact and what is the reason of the undeniable fact that not all with this search is easy to see.

The most 11 popular myths about Instagram

The only precedent of sanctions in Instagram for hashtags is temporary "freezing" of accounts for the use of repetitive combinations. But most often there is only the removal of the latter.

As explained by the management of Instagram, the order of demonstration posts is set automatically, and no restrictions on the search is imposed. However, due to the increased number of various hashtags, a large number of publications in this search are issued in the last place. And users don`t always have enough patience to get to them. This is due to the above-mentioned factors and signals, which adhere to the algorithm, but not with the mythical "ban".

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It should be understood that the number of Instagram users has already exceeded 800 million and continues to grow. Moreover, there is an increasing number of well-known brands, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, etc. All of them are engaged in the production of content for advertising purposes, which leads to a natural increase in competition because a user can not watch the feed endlessly. The advertiser has two choices either to pay for an extraordinary show or to attract the user with quality, make him so interested that he has a desire to view the feed to the end. The best option is a combination of both options.

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Speaking of shadow and other bans, it is necessary to clearly distinguish fakes from real threats. The absence of a shadowban does not mean that Instagram can not ban the user in principle. There are enough reasons for punishment, and in connection with the latest innovations in the system, they became even larger than before.

Instagram Stories promotion through images

Why you can get banned on Instagram?

The champion of getting banned is spamming, especially in combination with illegal content. A legal profile rarely gets banned, mainly it gets accounts with prohibited content: spam or pornography. However, for such accounts there is a place on the network, until other users complain to them.

The risk of being banned increases with the quick increase in profile popularity. Therefore, we strongly do not recommend winding the bots and putting on the mass-following accounts that are less than two weeks old. In our service, all limits and pauses are observed, so you shouldn`t be scary of being blocked. More about this in our article:

Instagram API News

The system also does not welcome frequent changes of IP. This does not mean that using an account with more than one "IP" is surely exposed to a ban. However, if within one day the profile is connected to a large number of services that have their own IP, the risks of being subjected to strict sanctions significantly increase. Therefore, we recommend using only one service - Zengram.

Frequent changes in the binding of an account to a particular device also raise suspicions of the system. From the algorithm point of view, the device is every Instagram service and tool. If you change them many times a day, you can easily get a ban.

For the algorithm, it is suspicious to simultaneously publish an image using several accounts, and also to publish several images per minute from one account.

It should also be borne in mind that when registering violations, the algorithm takes into account the cumulative effect. If you do not abuse Instagram rules too often, even for the cheat the punishment will not always follow. "Stayed behind" after using the mass liking profile is usually not sanctioned. In this case, the algorithm clearly adheres to the rules established by the Instagram administration. Listed below are the main ones.

For the use of other people's photos recognized as intellectual property, according to statistics, the greatest number of bans is gotten. (Do not use someone else's content without permission!)

In the second place is spamming in the same comments. (In our service, you can set up completely different native comments and hold pauses between them).

It is prohibited to place social insurance numbers, credit card data, passport information, driver's license number.

It is also forbidden to use crawlers, web spiders and other similar software when creating profiles.

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When the algorithm is not guilty

Not so long ago, Instagram has expanded the possibilities of users to limit the content coming to them. Now, to exclude a number of materials from a particular account is not necessary to unsubscribe from it. It is enough to use the recently appeared button "mute" to selectively exclude certain types of posts (for example, containing stories). The author of the invisible content does not even know that it was muted. And, without getting the desired effect from its information activities, certainly begin to blame their failures new algorithm, without taking into account the new opportunities for the manifestation of the "human factor".

Not by a single priority

In addition to changing the algorithm, the social network has pleased us with definitely pleasant surprises concerning Instagram TV and the long-awaited appearance of video calls and payments directly from the application. As for the latter, their work will probably be similar to that on Facebook, which belongs to Instagram. Payments are still only being tested.

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Follow the news!

Secrets of promoting a personal brand in the Instagram

The appearance of the first trading tags (shopping tags, or shopping tags) in Instagram occurred in 2016. The peculiarity of this tool is that now the seller has the opportunity to mark any product in his photo, as he notes the usual user. A potential buyer, using a shopping tag for ordering, can use one click to make a transition to the page of the online store with the displayed product.

A few more reasons to switch to Instagram business profile:

Advantages when switching to a business account in Instagram

Reduced time costs for advertising;

there is more opportunity to get acquainted with the assortment in detail;

it's easier to choose a purchase.

However, in the example of working with shopping tags in Matcha Botanicals, you can notice and significant problems:

users are not accustomed to innovation and continue to ask for product characteristics in the comments, ignoring the tags;

product cards are not always filled in full, and even customers who have used the shopping tag are left with questions to the seller.

How to optimize the use of shopping tags

Practice shows that the detailed filling of product cards with indication of all significant characteristics of the goods causes a noticeable increase in interest in trading tags. If this innovation is used in the store for the first time - it is advisable to leave a brief instruction for users in the comments.

If you are selling goods and services, we recommend reading:

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Prospects for using shopping tags

Developers are testing a number of new features that will be used in shopping tags. For example, saving a card of your favorite product with the possibility of its separate viewing. American users have already got the function of adding trade tags to Stories, soon it will appear in the Russian Instagram.

About other Instagram updates of this summer you can read here:

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