Instagram video as a way to promote your account

Instagram video as a way to promote your account

02 Apr 2020 Business

IGTV, or Instagram TV - a separate application for vertical videos on Instagram. The platform allows you to download videos from 15 seconds to 60 minutes in length, which opens up huge scope for published content. There is an opportunity to download full-fledged mounted work, just like on YouTube. Consider all its features and statistics below.

Rethinking vertical videos

You have probably heard more than once that vertical videos are ugly and inconvenient, and in general they are used only by narrow-minded people. Until recently, this video format really did not find the proper response, since no video hosting could adapt to the vertically elongated image. Due to the huge black frames on the sides it all looks ugly, and the details are often very difficult to consider. Fortunately, IGTV has become a good platform for such videos, making not only a convenient interface, but also a lot of opportunities.

Moreover, you can watch the video not only horizontally, but also vertically. That is, for the format familiar to all of us, there is also room - just turn the phone.

A few words about statistics

You can always see the statistics of your video on IGTV, including likes, comments, number of views, average percentage of video views and audience retention schedule.
To view the statistics of the downloaded video, open the desired video, click the ellipsis at the bottom of the video and select “Statistics”. The average percentage of videos watched and the line graph of audience retention are only visible to you.

And yet, how will the video help?

The fact is that IGTV algorithms are slightly different from instagram algorithms in that it more conveniently throws recommendations to viewers. His tape is a literally endless series of videos that consist of subscriptions, popular and personal recommendations. By investing in the creation of videos for this application, you provide a greater natural influx of subscribers, as potential subscribers already see it in the feed.

The application still needs some improvements, as it was announced not so long ago. And yet, now is the time to start shooting not only photo, but also video content. Expand your boundaries and future subscribers will surely find you.

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