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Instagress has been shut down, but we got an alternative with 50% discount

Instagress has been shut down, but we got an alternative with 50% discount


Recently Instagress-bot deleted its signup form and then said “Sorry we’re closed”. Literally, here’s a thing they inform us about:


Sad news to all of you who fell in love with Instagress: by request of Instagram we've closed our web-service that helped you so much.”


Did Instagram really close popular service?


We don’t know exactly, but we have some ideas about it. Maybe service used Instagram sources against the law or social network. Maybe Instagram is tired of blocking thousands accounts, which are using bot services and decided to block them.


What’s the alternative?

Anyway, we have a great alternative for all Instagress clients. Buy any time package on Zen-promo.com. Send to our support-team signup verification from Instagress and we give you double time on Zen-promo.com!


Zen-promo abilities:

  • Liking
  • Commenting
  • Following
  • Unfollowing
  • Cleaning of ghosts
  • Cleaning of commercial followers


You may search audience by:

  • Cities
  • Competitors
  • Tags


You also will get Instagram insights every day and check a number of ghosts and commercials in your account.

Try Zen-promo.com for free for 5 days or buy the time with 50% bonus!


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