Is UGC necessary for promotion?

Is UGC necessary for promotion?

29 May 2020 Business

What is UGC? So, let's start with the basics - with decryption.

UGC - user-generated content. Moreover, the content is absolutely any, be it reviews, comments or entire posts dedicated to your products. Marks on photos can also be considered UGC, because photos are also content.

The main feature is a positive review, that is, it plays in your direction, helps in promotion and serves as a kind of free advertising for which you are not responsible. Interesting, isn't it?

Why brands need ugc

The reason is very simple - it causes more trust, because it is live content, devoid of any idealized images. Perhaps the reviews and photos will not be very beautiful and neat, but another user will see that there is a real person behind him who was not paid for it.


Content made by users brings people together. Because acquaintance with a brand does not begin with intrusive advertising and stories about what your ideal product is, it is so much better than a competitor's product.

How to get ugc

People write angry comments more readily than praise. Well, of course, when you come across rudeness on the part of the staff, then most likely hurry to let everyone know about it. If you come across a very nice and charismatic employee who will solve your problem as quickly and clearly as possible, most likely you won’t even think of telling the rest about it - maybe you will thank him and leave a little tip, but that’s all over.

Therefore, users should always be reminded that reviews should be left. Bloggers remind viewers not to like because they don’t want a negative reaction. People just watch and read posts, leaving the page there is even content they liked. And it would seem, just one click.

Motivate your viewers to leave comments, reviews, take photos with your product and tell others about it. This may be a simple gratitude, some kind of small reward, or it may even reach the scale of the competition. For example, a draw among those who photographed your product and marked themselves in the photo.

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