Making a beautiful profile on Instagram

Making a beautiful profile on Instagram

30 Apr 2020 Tips and life hacks

Collages - a composition of several photos in harmony with each other. One photograph turns into a whole story if it becomes part of a collage - in this way you can give it some special surroundings. Collages may also be called aesthetics. Many make such “aesthetics” not only for themselves and friends, but also for characters in games, series, animes and more.

This aesthetics came to us from the Tumblr website, where fandoms flourish and fans are trying to pick up photos and make collages from their favorites. But after all, can’t something so beautiful and pleasant seemingly ignore Instagram? This social network was literally created in order to be beautiful.

How to make a collage for Instagram

To make a collage, you will need a layout application. This is an addition to Instagram, which allows you to combine several photos into one directly in the application. You can download it in the standard application of your OS.

After you download the application, open the photo gallery. A maximum of nine pieces can be added per canvas. After you have marked all the desired photos, click on the preferred collage layout at the top. Do not worry, you can change it in the future.

Now is the time to unleash your imagination.

How to make an endless profile

In order to make a tape, you can use any application for cutting posts. For example, Grid or Canva. But before that, it is necessary, in fact, to compose the picture-collage itself - you can make it in the same Layout, or in Photoshop, then there’s someone like it more. The size of one image in this case should be 1080 by 1080 pixels, that is, if you plan on a 3 * 3 grid, then initially you need to create a 3240 by 3240 pixel canvas.

Here are some examples that may inspire you:

How to make beautiful collages 

First of all, you should start with a color scheme. Use the special services to find an interesting combination or make it yourself by figuring out how it will look in practice. Color is very important, because it is thanks to it that a general atmosphere is created.

Remember harmony. It is important both in color and in detail. If you want to bring your collage to perfect proportions, use the checkerboard method. This will not only look pleasant and fresh, but also help to transfer the desired mood to the canvas.

Dilute photos of one color with photos of another. Dilute photos with a lot of details minimalist. Everything should be equally divided - we subconsciously reach for symmetry as an unattainable ideal, don't resist this craving.

Do not be afraid to experiment, change the frames, additionally process photos. Good taste does not develop at the click of a finger - it doesn't happen that you just grab it and make it perfect. It is important to find your own style - a touch through which you will be recognized.

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