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Mass-following 2.0 opens up fresh opportunities for Zen-promo users

Mass-following 2.0 opens up fresh opportunities for Zen-promo users

From now on you can follow your target audience at no additional cost. You may like people and leave comments without negative side-effect: your Feed and Stories remain clear!

Any user starting mass-following notices that his Feed instantly fills up with posts from the people he has followed.

Although these accounts are live, their owners are strangers. Frankly speaking, it’s doubtful that you want to know what places these strangers visit and what nail laquers they use.

It is one thing when you start to promote your online shop, create a separate account for this matter and are not even interested in checking out this account’s Feed. However, what to do when you are going to promote your personal Instagram — to become blogger, create your own brand or just want to gain more live followers? Do you really have to say goodbye to posts from your actual friends, family and favorite bloggers?

All that has been true up to the present moment. Today Mass-following 2.0 from Zen-promo is available! The option is an advance in promotion. Zen-promo employs a unique scheme and approach as no other similar service does. More than that, the system is available to every single user of our service without any additional fees. The above is true of both regular and PRO accounts. The way to switch the mode on is as simple as ABC: just get in the settings and check “Hide posts” box in “Followings”.

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We know that the best part of our customers rejected “Followings” for the reason we spoke about above. Moreover, many people didn’t want to use our service for promotion because of that. Nevertheless, according to the statistics, it is followings, that bring most live subscribers to our users and push up the effectiveness of their promotion greatly.

Before you start to use the option, do not forget to unfollow all the unnecessary people. To save the accounts you don’t want to remove from your Feed, use “White list” available in PRO settings.

Now our team is also trying to adjust the system and make it compatible with already-existing followings made by Zen-promo. However, we recommend deleting all them for the time being.

If you are worried that you won’t be able to like new posts of the users you follow and thus make these people upset, switch “Like friends” on, and Zen-promo will like their new posts automatically.

Let’s sum all this up. From now on without any additional fees you can follow your target audience, like posts published by its representatives and leave comments, while your Feed and Stories remain clear. So what are you waiting for? Open your personal account’s settings and enjoy the new option! We wish you success in your promotion!

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