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Mistakes that kill your Instagram active

Mistakes that kill your Instagram active

30 Jul 2020 Business

Not all active actions on Instagram have a good effect on your active. Some may not bear fruit, but something does only interfere with natural development. Because of this, the number of followers and the number of likes on posts is unpleasantly surprising.



In order for the audience to be interested, it is necessary to be active consciously. Below we will analyze the main mistakes that prevent account growth.

Wrong target 

It’s not for nothing that they say “you cannot please everyone”. Everyone doesn't need to please. Correctly defining the target audience is the minimum with which you should start working, and not a simple convention: trying to spread your influence to absolutely every casual viewer, you miss those who could really buy your product.

You can't make your target audience too wide. But it's also not worth narrowing it down too much - it will be hard later to find at least someone who fits the “ideal client portrait”. There must be a middle ground.


Using someone else's content in your promotion is definitely not the act that paints you. The deception is easily revealed by quickly googling the picture, so even if you fool someone, you won't be able to last that long.

Mass Liking and Mass Following

Such promotion methods can be condemned by someone, obviously, but in small quantities they can really be used and even help in the development of a novice business account. It's just important to catch the moment when help turns into death: frequent subscriptions and likes will quickly attract bots. And you need to act on your target audience, as mentioned above, and not subscribe to everyone in a row: maybe this is how you will achieve a reciprocal subscription, but the interest in your business will end there.

Obsession with posts

Instagram gave you tons of formats, but you only use one? In vain! To actively grow a business account, you need to experiment: try shopping tags, record stories of different content, record videos, make masks and much more. See how people react to a particular format: whether they watch videos, whether they vote in polls, do they participate in quizzes. And only then focus on a particular presentation, if there is no doubt that it will not get bored after a while.

No strategy

When you don't know what you are doing, your work is not as effective. What are you aiming for? What are your plans for the next month, for two months?

This also includes inept audience analysis, be it deliberate self-deception, misperception of indicators, or unwillingness to touch insidious statistics. Don't forget: you have to look coldly at the numbers! If you see that users obviously do not enter a certain category or format, then it is better to refuse it and try something else.

Make a content plan, set goals and objectives. Organized work bears fruit more consistently and faster than random surges in active.

You don't want to learn from mistakes

Perhaps this mistake is disastrous not only in this case, but in any other. To grow, you need to be able to analyze the situation, recognize the obvious jambs and think about how to fix them. “If I ignore it, it disappears” - that, alas, does not work. Face it.

Everyone is wrong sometimes, it's natural. And nobody will blame you for your mistakes. If your current tactic is clearly a failure, then leave it and try something completely different. It all sounds obvious, but for many the problem is so urgent that it interferes with growth and, as a result, ruins all work.


Many problems are not immediately apparent. You can only see them if you sincerely want to raise the active and are not going to look for excuses. The fate of your account is only in your hands! Take good care of him.

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