Mistakes that lead to low Instagram engagement rate

Mistakes that lead to low Instagram engagement rate

15 Jan 2020

It’s necessary to remember that not making common mistakes is extremely important when you’re working on your account development. We will now discuss those mistakes. If you are not making them, you will be lucky avoiding bad consequences. You can easily get away from loss of your audience interested, unfollowing and low engagement rate.

Ignoring other users

Problem: ignoring other users’ comments, even negative ones, leads to decreasing of engagement rate. Your followers may start thinking you’re completely indifferent to them.

Solution: respond to every single comment, start dialogues, be kind and polite when reacting to negative and criticizing comments. Remember that feedback is the key to success.

Using only one promotion method

Problem: by using only one promotion method (for example, buying promo posts from popular users or making competitions for your followers), you lose opportunities you could get by trying other methods.

Solution: Try something new. Rate your capabilities, choose a new promotion method, try it. Here are some ideas: flash mob, virus content, marathons, events, gives and other things.

Fear of experimenting

Problem: that is the right way to lose all the possible opportunities for effective account promotion. It will probably make you the owner of the most inconspicuous Instagram profile ever.

Solution: create different posts, try new formats and photo or video processing tools, publish your stories regularly. That is how you attract users’ attention.

Posting low-quality images

Problem: the main Instagram concept is bright and colorful photos. No one want to waste free time on looking through low-quality content or unoriginal images from Internet.

Solution: buy a good camera (by the way, a new model of smartphone is enough) and light. Use actual tools for improving images.

Posting images without captions

Problem: such publications don’t make any sense and don’t display author’s target. By that reason, they won’t make your audience interested. Remember that bad, primitive captions will lower your engagement rate.
Solution: try to complement every post with your own description or story,you’re your followers about different things, call them for action to create something for them to react to. You don’t know how to write good captions? Hire a copywriter who will write suitable texts for you. It is not for free but definitely good for your business. If you’re writing captions yourself, write it short and clearly.

Not knowing your potential subscribers

Problem: you may never achieve desired result by acting completely randomly.

Solution: know your target audience! Form potential follower’s portrait. Define his age category, social status, capabilities, interests and needs. Make a full content plan and follow it.

Private account

Problem: slow growth of subscriber number.

Solution: make your profile and comments open for everyone. The opportunity of getting new comments is important for your engagement rate. Respond to constructive criticism in comments. You can always get rid of aggressive users by adding them in the black list and blocking them.

Publishing new content at the wrong time

Problem: too few people notice posts that were published at the wrong time. Your post won’t be noticed during low activity time.

Solution: analyze your statistics and get to know, when your audience is the most active. That is the perfect time for creating new posts. Keep track of time when posting.

Too many hashtags

Problem: posts look old-fashioned and overloaded. It affects badly on your engagement rate. Loads of hashtags in caption don't make any sense.

Solution: use your original or unpopular hashtags to attract new followers.

No stories or videos

Problem: low profile promotion efficiency

Solution: start live broadcasts, post stories. It is an easy way to take two places in your followers’ feed.

Mixing personal and professional

Problem: it may lead to decrease of users’ confidence and engagement rate falling.

Solution: you need to keep in mind the following ratio: if your profile is personal, there need to be about 70% of personal information and about 30% of professional things. If the profile is professional, there’d better be 70% of posts about work and 30% of personal posts.

You can say with confidence that everything is easy after reading this article. Follow simple recommendations to keep your Instagram audience active.

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