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Motivation for feedback, simple tricks for getting reviews on Instagram

Motivation for feedback, simple tricks for getting reviews on Instagram

30 Jul 2020 Business

Feedback play an important role in promoting Instagram pages, whether it's a personal profile or a business account. Of course, subscribers need motivation to leave positive comments, and, on the contrary, negative ones appear for the slightest reason. However, for the account to be successful, it is necessary to work correctly with both.

Why reviews matter

There are several important reasons for collecting reviews. In addition to creating quality content, they perform several other functions that are significant for business profiles:

  • Provides credibility to the seller.

    Buying on the Internet is much more convenient, simpler and faster, but on the other side of the coin there is always a risk of running into scammers. Therefore, for many users, the product on Internet sites does not inspire confidence. To ensure quality, they often look at previous customer reviews. And if custom comments appear on other selling resources under disposable nicknames, then on Instagram there is always an opportunity to make sure that the author's account is quite real. Accordingly, the more people express their opinion, the more trust the seller and the goods or services offered to him deserve.

  • Engage your audience.

    Instagram is not a marketplace, but, first of all, a social network. Therefore, reviews left by one visitor can be read by tens, hundreds and even thousands of his subscribers. As a result, the more reviews about a product / service are collected on the page, the broader the potential audience reach, the more likely it is to increase sales.

  • Provide feedback.

    Each feedback left by a client is a reason to think about the shortcomings, or to rejoice at success. A negative opinion will help to work on the range of goods or services, improve their quality, change the approach to customer service, etc. Positive comments are not a reason to over-praise yourself. They should stimulate further work in the chosen direction.

How to get more reviews

Collecting reviews on Instagram is not so easy, since not all users are ready to share their impressions. There are several ways to overcome this problem:

  • Just ask. A lot of people do not realize how important ratings are for the seller and other buyers, so they do not consider it necessary to leave them. Together with this request, it will not be superfluous to remind you how to publish your comment.
  • Use encouragement. You can stimulate users activity by offering them various bonuses, gifts and discounts for their comments. For example, give free shipping for the most creative review, or a discount on the next order, which is likely to induce the customer to purchase the product from the same seller.
  • Carry out promotions. Even more activity of subscribers can be achieved by regularly holding various raffles of valuable prizes. A good solution would be a lottery for those who left their comments or the distribution of original gifts for the most active participants.
  • Conduct a cultural dialogue. An honest answer to a negative comment, which will explain the cause of the problem and, if possible, suggest ways to solve it, is much better than simple silence and will certainly work on the seller's image. As for positive reviews, they also require a response. Anyone likes to be treated with respect even receiving verbal thanks, he will most likely return to this trading platform. In addition, the comments of the profile owner contribute to the development of an active discussion, in which more and more users are involved.

How to post reviews

There are several options for placing reviews:

  • Publish on the page a special post for reviews, under which subscribers can leave their ratings.
  • If comments come in direct, then it would be appropriate to take screenshots of the screen and publish them, placing them on an attractive background.
  • Customers can post a photo of the product on their personal page, in which case they can repost their reviews to your profile. Here it will be appropriate to ask subscribers to use hashtags to make information about your product easier to find. It is also a good idea to ask to use the seller's profile address in the tags in the photo, then everyone who has viewed the post will be able to immediately follow the link to the page where this product is presented.
  • Create separate stories with positive customer reviews. Instagram provides an opportunity to pin several stories in the "relevant" column. By doing so, you can save time for new customers.

The role of reviews in promoting your business can hardly be overestimated. The more buyers share their opinions about the goods or services they have purchased, the more Internet users will be interested in them. Increased interest turns into demand, which has a beneficial effect on business development. By wisely using reviews to increase your client base, you can significantly expand your project and turn it into a full-fledged source of income.

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