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New features for shopping on Instagram

New features for shopping on Instagram

Instagram has long ceased to be a resource through which people from all over the world can only share photos and comment on them. Today, it is already a whole platform through which more and more entrepreneurs are building their business, and the success of using Instagram for these purposes, in turn, attracts others.

In March of this year, the resource offered a new option for trade, namely the possibility of selling goods through Instagram. The action was considered successful; many global companies did not fail to take advantage of the chance to enter a new market. A little later, in June, in the wake of success, it was announced that a new project was launched, which allowed some companies to trade through Instagram Stories.

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In September 2018, the project was launched at full capacity and now all companies with access to purchases through the resource can use Stories. In addition, the business goes to the next level. Now it is testing the possibility of selling through the section "Interesting".

According to research, per month more than 90 million users are interested in tags with offers for the sale of goods. This is an excellent indicator showing the incredible prospects of a resource as a trading platform. In Instagram all conditions are made to a person can evaluate a product in all its details and buy it with pleasure.

According to a survey conducted by the resource itself, more than 40 percent of American women called shopping their hobby and said that they could not live without shopping. Instagram offers its help in it.

Shopping in Stories

One of today's main tasks for Instagram is to make it easier for users to conduct shopping. To do this, for example, to the resource was added an option, which allows to get special tags to the Stories regarding the purchases were made. With the help of these tags, instant integration of information takes place and information becomes available to all who might be interested. By the way, more than 400 million users visit the Stories section every day, which makes the distribution of information very fast. In addition, the trend is that the companies themselves are happy to make publications in the section, constantly attracting visitors with new products. In Instagram hopes that it will lead to even greater convergence between sellers and customers.

According to the developers' plans, those companies that will have access to the trading options of the resource will be able to put one tag on each of the offered goods. For convenience, they will be denoted by different colors. After the user sees the publication in Stories, he will be able to click on the set label and get additional information about the product, such as images, price, specifications, possible analogues and much more, as well as go directly to the seller’s website.

Shopping in Interesting

The section Interesting inferior Stories in the number of daily visits (200 million people against 400), but it is still one of the most popular ones on the resource. Of course, the developers are not going to miss such a chance to expand the platform and lay great hopes on the section. Plans are to turn it into an ideal place for shopping, which will attract even more users. As in Stories, the main emphasis will be the convergence of trading companies and buyers. According to Instagram news, Interesting will become a platform where someone can quickly and easily offer a product, while others will have the opportunity to immediately evaluate and purchase it.

At the moment the active phase of testing new features is going. The system will work in the same way as posting publications and photos, when each specific user is offered exactly the product in which he may be interested. Certain range of addictions is forming based on the data of followers. By the way, it is the main difference from the marketplace in Stories. In that section emphasis is reaching the audience in a whole; on the other hand, targeting is the most important for the new project.

According to the developers, in the next future the system should work at full capacity and companies will be able to offer their services and products.

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Future plans

Instagram is not going to stop at the achieved results and has plans to expand both existing trading opportunities and introduce new ones. Despite the fact that the marketplace for Stories has been operating for less than a year, and the marketplace in Interesting is still being tested, the developers have no doubt about success. In their opinion, they should do everything to facilitate the shopping process to both parties as much as possible. What exactly they are going to improve and develop and what new opportunities they are going to provide for companies and customers, has not yet been reported.

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