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Online school promotion on instagram

Online school promotion on instagram

30 Jun 2020 Business

Due to frequent embarrassment and scammers, it has become really difficult to sell information products. Customers initially tend to trust you less - some of them will simply pass by because of their snobbery, some will set some unrealistic conditions. And only a few know how to find among scammers that really will teach them something useful.

Benefits of instagram

Instagram has become a platform for a huge number of bloggers, but moreover, for many brands and stores. It should be noted that the application is very suitable for this - you can create your account for free, there is room for creativity, it is easy to search for potential customers, quick feedback and much, much more. But perhaps the most important of all is the data for analysis, looking at which you can change your tactics of behavior.

Looking at the number of likes and comments, you see which content is interesting to users and which is not very interesting. You can easily interact with customers and find out what they want. And returning to the main problem of online schools, you can provide potential buyers with such resources, that would help them verify your competency.


Some online schools create separate accounts with student feedback and work. And if reviews can still be printed by a friend, brother, matchmaker, etc. on the list, then the fruits of other people's labors can be forged or bought very, very difficult.

How to run your school

The hardest thing is to get started. And it’s best to start by analyzing your target audience and searching for it on Instagram. This is not limited to - when you find those people who might be interested in your services, you need to make a brief analysis of the interests and trends that are relevant to them. So you can very flexibly adapt to the students and give them information in the form in which they would like to see it.
You should probably not even mention such an important parameter as the availability of all lessons and quick answers to questions. When you take on the heavy burden of learning, be prepared for many to have questions.
Everything should be on schedule, of course. But the announcements to the story will not be superfluous anyway! Use

Do not tell what you can read on the Internet
This is perhaps the most important rule for insta-school. Many bloggers sell knee-high courses from rewriting an empty motivational article. And what would people seem to pay for? They were promised to be made millionaires, but in the end they gave a push for a maximum of one run in the morning.


Do not make unrealistic promises
Also a very important rule, especially for marketing. People just don’t buy promises like “I’ll teach you how to earn millions from scratch”. This is too much, and all is a lie of scammers. Give yourself and your customers a clear goal that they will need to achieve.

Not “you will master Spanish in two weeks,” but “you will learn 100 new words in two weeks” or “learn to speak without an accent in two weeks.” Do you now feel distrust of the first slogan in contrast?

Real reviews
You urgently need real people with their opinions. You can never write about your courses the way an outsider does. Even if he didn’t like something, don’t cut this part, leave it. Better trust that you are working on this, and that you are grateful to the client for feedback.

Motivate people with some nice bonuses. Like a discount or coupon for other courses, cashback. People need to be stimulated, otherwise negative reviews will exceed positive ones, even if there are not so many dissatisfied. It's just that people are more willing to share unpleasant impressions, it just so happened.

Write posts. A lot of interesting posts
Caring for their customers should be above all - for them all useful information, an individual approach to them, clarification of the topic. But do not forget about the rest of the readers! Among them are those who subscribe for free content, and these are also useful and important people. Do not let your tape be empty, update it with useful and interesting information that you are not sorry to disclose to the general public. People who come to you for the first time will have at least a small opportunity to evaluate your knowledge, your content and your manner of presentation.

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