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Packing Services on Instagram

Packing Services on Instagram

Packing services in Instagram is an excellent way to increase sales. To start selling via this social network you will need just few tips.

For quite a while Instagram has become a trading platform to sell goods and services. The practice shows that the most successful spheres there are those in which entrepreneurs can afford to post bright “colorful” pictures. The reason is that selling takes place through visualization. People see and what to buy such product. So it’s worthwhile to examine the best practice of packing and presenting services in Instagram social network.

Instagram fall updates in 2018

Creating Account

Everything starts from this exact step. Business-account to make sales can be created by choosing corresponding option in the menu. It’s available after clicking the registration button. The following data must be added to the profile:Sell on Instagram 

Image. It’s better to create memorable organization logo. In this case Instagram becomes both trade and promotional platform. The logo then should be created in advance to be able to make posts in social networks under it. It’s also recommended to use corporate colors everywhere.

Personal and contact data. It is required because users need to understand whose (or which company) account they see and how to contact it. It’s better to give not only phone number and email but personal or company address as well if it’s possible.

Mass-following 2.0 opens up fresh opportunities for Zen-promo users

A business card is to be designed to promote the account. The card must be attractive.

And now some useful tips:

  • Fill the profile date both in Russian and in English to expand the target audience. To make other users sign up for the news the profile should become a real attraction.
  • Use few tags that will be utilized in every image. This will make much easier to find you company through the network searching facility.
  • Check the privacy configuration in order not to create an account with locked access. Otherwise users won’t be able to screen your images.

Good Publishing of a Post

Sell on Insta

You should care that the pictures are unique and in a good quality. At the beginning you will need to create at least 10-20 pictures to start the promotion of your accounts. At the same time you won’t need to post them in quick succession. Publish at least 4 posts in a week.

Note. Each image should be accompanied by an interesting caption and hashtags selected by your company. The visitors are attracted by wow images however not all of them should be topical. At least 70% of published posts can and should be entertaining.

How to Promote Your Blog on Instagram the Smart Way With Zen-promo

If the service you provide lies far from esthetic, the outside attraction must be added. Otherwise your account won’t be popular and the chance of selling through Instgram will be low. To receive an impartial evaluation of your account it is recommended to use special apps. One of the most famous and qualitative among them is Zengram.

Use Services of a Professional Photographer

This specialist helps to make unique and high-quality photos. To make a large amount of shots the publishing scheme should be establishedbeforehand. It will allow circumventing his service for long.

Don’t be lazy and shoot your product or process of providing services from different angels. It’s great that now Instagram allows combining several photos in one post. You can even use different Photoshop utilities to make you image showier. People often buy something on emotions. It means if somebody enjoys the post, there is a good chance of transition to the official web-page.

It is noteworthy in this regard that regard that today Instagram enables to publish short videos. It’s a great opportunity to show how the specialists of your company provide services to real clients. Just hire the camera-man and he will edit a short-term video. Optimal timing is 15-30 seconds.

The video must contain the name of the company and the scene of providing service. The post should be created in hd. When users publish videos in 240-480 pixels a lot of details cannot be seen. This provokes negative reaction of the subscribers. Some of them may even cancel the authors’ page.

Note. The experts think that the best time to publish videos is from 20.00 to 07.00. During the working hours it’s possible to browse pictures and difficult to watch videos. And the chance that the visitor returns to the page once again only to watch the video file is indeed minimal.

Create Momentum Around Your Service

Instagram sells

If your main purpose is to sell product or service then it’s necessary to provoke audience to the contact regularly. There are several ways to do so:

Organizing competition. For example, ask the followers to make photos in front of your company logo or at the time of using the service. Certainly it shouldn’t be priceless and the winners must be rewarded with the promised remembrances.

Mention the most active followers in your posts and make the reposts on their activities. It will increase their loyalty to your company. Such actions invoke the competitive spirit as well and so other followers will try to be proactive.

Free Templates for Instagram

Initiate contests for likes and reposts. All you need is to prove that all they are fair. For example, you can write that the winner will be chosen in a random way with a random number generation.

In this respect it is noteworthy that all this tricks will promote your account as well. As a result there will be more subscribers and the account will be mentioned in different search requests more frequently. And so the sale figure will be increased.

Note. In your posts remind the potential clients on the possibility of pre-ordering or pre-booking via official web-site.

Views-Leaders – Perfect Packers

Do you want to turn your service into an attractive brand by packing it in a lovely box with a pretty little bow? Then you certainly need tocooperate with leading bloggers and other well-known public figures. They must promote your product. At the same time the commercial should not be annoyed.How to sell on Instagram

Based on the popularity of your brand reward for the assistance of the famous person can be:

  • In cash;
  • In a form of discount on your services;
  • In a form of free service package presented by your company;

Note. Usually well-known people mention you on their pages. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot make their photos in the process of providing services for them in your company.

The celebrities work in accordance with your template so you shouldn’t wait for any improvisation. If you want them to publish on their page a post on the quality of your service, then you need to write the following text by yourself. If it’s necessary to make the video again the scenario is on you. Therefore automatically you as a customer will need to cover all the addition expenses.

Be prepared for the unwillingness of some customers to make purchases publicly. The service Instagram Direct should be used In this regard.

Exploit Promotion

There are several ways to promote an account in Instagram social network. In doing so we recommend seeking the assistance of the specialists who can guaranty that everything will be done in a short time. And they will guaranty the result as well. In case of too quick promotion there is a risk of getting under sanction of the social network. Let’s look at some types of promotion that could be the way of packing service.

Natural Promotion

Insta helps to sell

It means that you publish interesting posts and other users visit your web-page. They subscribe to your page and follow the updates. However this is a long-term method with low efficiency. The case is that users very occasionally subscribe to anybody’s page by themselves. To do so, you need to:

  • Subscribe to their page because actions of many people are based on the principle of reciprocity;
  • Promise something for the subscription;
  • Give like of make a repost.

The advantage of this method is that the holder of the account certainly won’t get under the sanctions and his list will include only real people, not bots. However the development of the page may take more than a year.


In this case using special the special services like Zengram one can put likes on the pages of other users. It’s possible to set the selection by region, age, sex and so on. It could help to attract a particular target audience.

After receiving like from unknown person there is a good chance that the recipient will visit the persons’ page. With that you automatically raise the frequency of visits to your profile and, probably to the company’s web-page. More visits means the better chance that somebody makes a booking.


Instagram logo

In this scheme other users become followers. Nowadays Instagram looks carefully on the quality of followers. So, you can gather millions of bots and still be unpopular. At the same time with 1000 real and pro-active followers your account will be able to appear frequently in the search requests.

With that, to receive good promotion in Instagram you should take care of the sufficient number of high-quality subscribers. Special services will be ready to help in resolving this problem in the short term. You just need to specify what kind of subscribers you’re interested in.

The practice shows that if other users subscribe to your page, their activity influences the indexes of the search systems. That is why major part of services reject account promotion via bots.

Advertising in Instagram

It’s another convenient way to pack the service in a social network. You just need to choose appropriate rate, make payment and set up the advertisement. The set up process is quite easy: you choose which posts need to be shown and to whom. With that your advertisement will be as effective as possible.

Thus, the selling of services via Instagram is quite real. The hotels, beauty shops, saunas and others are very successful in doing so. In this respect however car services find themselves in a bit more complicated situation especially because their target audience rarely uses this social network. At the same time with appearance of more and more female car drivers the selling of garage services through Instagram has proven to be very popular.

The most important is to define the target audience and to develop the account properly. Within a few months there will be first sales. By using the Instagram statistics you can find out where the client has come from. Or you can ask the client himself.

Who is the target client in Instagram

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