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Panacea of video content: promotion on IGTV

Panacea of video content: promotion on IGTV

29 Nov 2020

IGTV continues to take root, slowly but surely. You shouldn't bury the format right away: it took a lot of time for stories to win the love of millions of users, and now this function is being introduced everywhere. In VKontakte, for example, not so long ago they added. And they even pushed them into Twitter... Let's talk about whether it is realistic to promote yourself or your business through video content.

Why IGTV was created

Many people ask this question, since the purpose of the function is not clear to all ordinary users. Some of them are very skeptical about this innovation, because it does not come across as often as it could. Therefore, to begin with, let's designate why it was created at all.

IGTV is a video posting space linked to your Instagram account. In fact, it is a kind of YouTube on the minimum salary - it was created for competition, but could not compete properly. You can upload videos up to 60 minutes long there and watch both vertical and horizontal formats, which is certainly a big plus for the distribution of video content.

Even previews have appeared. And with them your chance to increase the number of views!

Even taking into account the fact that Instagram failed to surpass YouTube, there are definitely some successes. Videos posted on IGTV collect tens, or even hundreds of thousands of views. Of course, the question arises: how to use this for your own purposes?

About algorithms

Open your Instagram feed. What do you see? Posts and carousels occupy one square, while videos occupy four. This already tells us that they are promoted by the platform better than any post.

There is even a separate tab for them.

Obviously, Instagram is more willing to promote those who use all of its formats. Stories, live, boomerangs, carousels - using all these tools will make the platform's algorithms more favorable. The use of IGTV is encouraged according to the same principle - there you can appear in the “popular” tab in a fairly short period of time with a minimal investment, which will attract even more subscribers.

You can also consider IGTV as another opportunity to show up in your followers' feed. For example, if you feel that your followers have stopped reading you. Of course, ideally, it is better to understand this problem thoroughly, analyze the posts and identify the cause, but if you have already done everything possible, then you can emerge at the top of the feed thanks to a new video or broadcast.


You're better to publish even short videos on IGTV, since you already have the opportunity to get to the first positions of the feed and make a preview. As for long videos, everything is clear here - this is the only right solution in order to use video content to increase reach without having to send subscribers to other resources. This innovation gives a tangible impetus to the natural advancement and increase of ER. In general, if you look at it, then the thing is wonderful, and you should not underestimate it.

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