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Polls in Instagram Stories and the other “cool features” of Instagram.

Polls in Instagram Stories and the other “cool features” of Instagram.

20 Oct 2017 Tutorial, Instagram news

There was a post in official Instagram blog on October 3rd about new Stories functions. So straight to the business)

Check out this cool feature!

There is a new built in tool for working with followers. As if Instagram hints us… well you understand) Communicate, but don’t show, and that’s it.

The results of the poll can be seen by everybody. By you and those who voted. The creator of the poll has statistics about everybody, those who voted and which variant was chosen.

The poll results and stories expire within 24 hours.

How to create a poll in Instagram Stories?

  1. Go straight to Stickers menu

Pay attention at the white star in green circle, here you can create lists and send posts for different audience. This is ideal for those who have a business account  and private at the same time. Also this feature can be used for individual offers of different segments.

     2) Choose the right sticker

     3) Set a question and answers for it

You can leave default “Yes/No”, or type in your variants.

By the way, the Latin Alphabet allows more symbols than Cyrillic alphabet, plus you can add emojis in answers. We were experimenting a bit. You can add up to 22 symbols, Latin “i” 46 times. “Я не понимаю” - without “ю”. “I don’t understand” - fits completely. We don’t know if you will ever need this information, but we were trying to find the maximum amount of symbols, we could find the exact amount, but we share our results anyway =)   

4) Place a sticker you want it to be, you can move and it change size of it.

5) Post

6) To view statistics, click on amount of views.

Additional Features

All along polls in Stories there also a new “Pipette”, with help of which you can pick any color of the pixel on a photo and use it for typing or painting. Click on pipette, move your finger to the side of the screen you want - enjoy.

There is a new aligning feature for perfectionists. You can place text, stickers, photos right in the middle and not any less. There is a line for vertical and horizontal alignment.

What’s else new?     

Sneak peak of the profile

You can quickly preview a profile without additional clicks.   

We’ve noticed only a few days ago, were asking the others. The others were aware.  

The opinions were divided. So we’ve realized it was not only us who missed this feature, that’s why we think it’s necessary to let you know about it.

Some statistics

In the end of September AdWeek published a report about business and customers relations on Instagram. Over 180 million users more or less had relations with business in September, and that’s 80% of all users. This statistics was provided by Operations director Marne Levine. She also pointed out that it’s just the beginning. Instagram wants to shrink the distance between businesses and customers, to help them communicating with each other, and to make purchases on the platform as easy as possible.   

So our dear clients, as the saying says “ We are strong not just by amount of likes!”. Create polls, ask questions and be closer to your followers, and will help you to automatize this process and make your work better!

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