Popular way to Increase Instagram Engagement in 2019

Popular way to Increase Instagram Engagement in 2019

Promoting a new brand on Instagram can be challenging, as there are already thousands of entrepreneurs and companies which seem to have conquered the market. Not all the hope is gone, however, as with the right implementation of insta features everyone can tell the world about themselves. Here are 9 tips on how to win your followers’ loyalty and boost their activity.


Tip #1. Take Advantage of the Stories stickers


Instagram is more than likes and comments. Nowadays people can connect with each other via stories and IGTV and follow one's brand via hashtags. Every day more than 400 million users watch stories and create their own ones, which makes them a great tool for building your brand. Instagram provides a number of Stories stickers for keeping in touch with your audience.

"Ask me anything" stickers are tremendously useful for gathering complex feedback and recommendations as well as making your followers acquainted to your product.

"Poll-and-vote" stickers are suitable for learning your audience's yeses and nos.

Tip #2. Write Meaningful Captions

There is a story behind each photo. Instagram allows you to write one up to 2,200 characters long.

The more time people spend reading your post, the higher Instagram algorithm ranks it. That's why the tale you tell must be engaging and in-depth.

If you have trouble writing captions in the smartphone app, or you're planning a vacation, use apps like Later to schedule posts and save captions to reuse them later.

Tip #3. Optimize your stories

If your photo features a person or a brand, mark them. Mention stickers are not only a way to give credit, but also a means for being noted and thanked.

Don't forget to pinpoint a location. Anyone who searches for a certain area will be able to find your story amongst the others.

People can come across your story while searching by hashtag. Instagram allows to apply up to 10 hashtags to one story. You can resize, color and hide them to fit your style.

Tip #4. Post On Time

Posted at the wrong time, a story will be seen by few people. Also, if you don’t update your content regularly, the audience will soon lose interested. For this reason, it is crucial to identify at what time your followers are most active. With an Instagram Business account, you can access your account's day-to-day analytics via Instagram Insights.

Tip #5. State your Mission

The market is oversaturated. You can no longer captivate people with product's shots. They want to know who makes it, how and why. If your mission resonates with their frame of life, they will more likely prefer your product or service over the others.

Share some personal stuff via captions or stories to get closer to your potential customers.

Tip #6. Learn What Hashtags Work Best For You

If your target audience is businesswomen, you may use tags for women in business, start-ups and business in general. To learn which ones pull the most engagement, you need to categorise them first. Services like Save Captions in Later allow you to divide hashtags into categories and reapply them.

To see which collections work best for you, go to Instagram Insights by clicking a blue bar beneath your post. Discovery section will show you how many impressions you gained from each hashtag set.

Tip #7. Collaborate

Attract your target audience by collaborating with like-minded entrepreneurs and corporation. There are several ways to "join forces" with influencers.

For example, you can suggest a one-off mutual advertising project to somebody. Although it might bring some people to your page, these one-time deals look suspicious and therefore not likely to earn you trust. Instead, find a company you'll be proud to work with for a long period of time.

It is possible to work with a like-minded brand to create a product or a service that will suit the needs of your and your partner's audience.


Tip #8. Be Funny


There's no need to go all serious in running your page on Instagram. Memes and jokes catch people's eyes and shorten the distance between you and your potential customers.

Of course, your humor should not contradict your mission, as this will only baffle your followers.


Tip #9. Engage In Conversations


People hate being ignored and neglected. By replying to your DMs and comments you show your followers that their opinion matter.


Next time you review your engagement strategy, take all these tips into account to gain likes, comments, and genuine admiration.

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