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Precise search of male and female accounts: why Zen-promo is more effective

Precise search of male and female accounts: why Zen-promo is more effective

Gender of the follower - is one of the main TA criterias for instagram.

Pretty much every automatic instagram promotion service has a search by gender and our service has it as well. But we manage this task better. You know why?


It’s all about gender detecting algorithm in the account. It’s different from the other services.



Algorithm of the other services

The most services detect the account’s gender from profile information on Instagram or from linked Facebook account. But not everybody fills in gender info and link the account with Facebook. As the result, the service whether skips or detects those genders wrong.


zen-promo.com algorithm.


Our service analyses not only the main preferences but also users’ content. It means when it searches for certain profiles with set parameters our service can analyze and recognize the context of descriptions for posts. For example the system analyses the endings of verbs (for Russian language) and detects whether it's written by a male or a female.


Thanks to more complicated algorithm we don’t skip unfilled accounts, and the service work maintains with the exact audience you set in the search filter.


Thanks to posts context analyses the target audience is defined correctly, and the promotion of the account becomes more effective.   



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