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Problems that prevent you from developing as a blogger on Instagram

Problems that prevent you from developing as a blogger on Instagram

New bloggers often have to face not only challenges of creating editorial calendar and its visualization but also their own fears and doubts. What if I can't do it? And what will subscribers, friends and acquaintances say? What if I am shy about showing myself in Stories? Let's find out where these thoughts come from and how to fight them.

Fear of the acquaintances’ opinion

You want to develop your account but the opinion of other people stops you? What if your friends will judge you or laugh at you? The easiest solution is to create a new account without photos or personal information. To promote your blog, you can create a Facebook page in which you do not add your friends or acquaintances.

Why Instagram is so good in this situation? You can express yourself and implement different ideas without revealing your face. Many famous bloggers started their page anonymously or led their blogs on behalf of a fictional character.

If you want to develop an existing personal account then you will have to face your own fears. You have to understand why you need to promote your blog. Do you want to sell a product or earn money on advertising? Identify the goal and move towards it. Do not let your fear of criticism and someone else's opinion outweigh your desire for success.

Another situation is if you want to become a blogger just to be in trend. You don’t have a certain idea or a product that you need to promote. Then senseless violence against yourself, combined with internal fears, can just lead to an emotional burnout.

Fear of privacy

Today, there is a trend of being overly frank. Well-known people tell in their accounts absolutely everything about themselves – husbands, children, parents, etc. And novice bloggers think that this is the secret of success. What to do if you do not want to share your personal information with the rest of the world? Just don’t do it. An interesting blogger doesn’t have to be provocative, he must be unique. He has to attract people with the help of original and high-quality content.

Fear of showing yourself in Stories

You need to understand why you are afraid or showing yourself on the Internet. You may think that you look worse on the video than you do in real life. Then Instagram Face Filters come to hand – a wonderful way to hide eyebags, pimples and dull complexion.

The fear of speaking in public is much more serious. Start with voiceover in your videos and comment everything you do. You will become more confident over some time.

A few more tips for new bloggers:

  • Shoot the videos on your phone in advance, they will be saved in the gallery. You will be able to shoot multiple takes and cut off unnecessary moments. Then upload nicely done footage to Instagram.
  • Visit the pages of the bloggers you like and check how they shoot their Stories. You will notice useful points and get inspired.
  • Practice in front of the mirror before starting the video – smile a little bit and just talk about anything. Your face will look not so tense and you will feel more natural on camera.
  • To begin with, you can just avoid showing yourself in Stories. Today, there are popular bloggers who don't show themselves in Stories and don't even post Stories at all. A lot of people follow their accounts anyway and these bloggers have no problem co-operating with advertisers.

Fear of filming in public

Is it hard for you to shoot photos and videos outside or in a cafe? In Stories, for example, you don't have to shoot yourself. Just show the interior or a beautiful view. Or you can just avoid making Stories if you don’t like it. Of course, footage from home is less interesting but everything can be beaten with a suitable context.

In fact, people today so often set up shooting on the street and broadcast live walking alongside the busy avenues that you can’t surprise anyone with it. You can even ask passers-by to take a picture of you here and there and they will gladly help you.

Fear of subscribers’ criticism

What if my work doesn't please the subscribers? First of all, it is worth understanding that your post may not really appeal to subscribers. And not even because it's bad. There are just a lot of different people and the same number of different opinions. But tactful and adequate people will never sink to the insults, and they will always try to justify their point of view correctly.

But, unfortunately, inadequate people also exist. Sometimes they even create anonymous accounts for criticism, humiliation and self-affirmation at the expense of others. Before promoting a blog, you need to be ready for a variety of reactions and understand that popular accounts often have a lot of haters.

Fear of wasting time and effort

You would like to develop your blog, but it is so unpleasant to think about Stories, subscribers and new posts all the time? If you really find it very difficult to maintain an account, and Instagram makes you want to close it and never open again, then it's better to find a new path and implement yourself elsewhere.

If the root of the problem is lack of motivation then remember once again why you need a blog and what you want to achieve. When there is a goal, there will always be strength, time and desire.

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