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Promotion doesn’t work?

Promotion doesn’t work?

18 Jun 2017 Business, Instagram news

It’s been 3 days since internet communities and forums started discussing mass closures of automatic instagram promotions services.


Instagress, Instaplus, Massplanner, Peerboosts - all these services were closed for the last month. And not just stopped working, but were asked to be closed by Instagram. Nobody knows what really happened there.


All the services closed without any official comments, only posted the same text everywhere. All official requests are left without an answer, and only refer to non-disclosure agreement.


Warning-letter from Instagram


We managed to find the Cease and Desist Abuse of Instagram text on the internet. In the western market this letter means the last warning. In these document states the pretension, a detailed sub-paragraph analysis where the right were violated, and also a demand for redressing the violation of rights.   



InstaPlus doesn’t work.


On May 13th there was the biggest strike at Russian SMM-specialists. InstaPlus was closed. InstaPlus registration stopped working, the access for the new users was denied, plus users who had negative balance.


The service still doesn’t reveal the real reason, but there are some obvious guesses.


  1. Intellectual property rights violation


The first what came to hundred users’ minds was - copyrights violation. Because the prefix “Insta” - is the part of instagram’s intellectual property. In favor of that was Instagress closure, but why would the Apps still be on the App Store?


2) User’s agreement violation


Perhaps, Instaplus wasn’t careful enough with the instagram User’s Agreement. But we should accept that the agreement was changed a few times for the last year. There was a notification about that from the social network on email.


3) Deception of users


Who else?

Tooligram users also have issues. The was an information that up to 80% of their active users had connection issues.


Likeoff likes exchage also announced about the suspension of the service from half way active accounts.




There are no official notes about this yet, only guesses why it happens. All closed services were under the US jurisdiction and we can guess that Russian services are most likely safe.


But when we read the warning letter more carefully, we found a pretty interesting statement:


The fake “likes” and related actions your software provides to photos and posts attempt to give the false impression of genuine interest in content.


Conclusion: you always need to know when enough is enough and configure your targeting correctly, not to overwhelm with likes the first account you come across.  


Is mass following going to end?

Most likely no, than yes. Firstly some major western services might suffer and then some Russian. We should accept that a few major services got caught with instagram rights violation and made some big damage to the service (for example missed profit because users didn’t buy advertisements).  However if you organise services correctly, then you can keep promoting accounts and make it safely for its owners. Most likely Instagram will reduce the limits for daily actions and the mass following itself is going to become a slow and tiring process.


What should I do?


It’s a rhetorical question, but we’ve got a solution! zen-promo.com team wasn’t wasting time and found a technical solution, which allows to continue promotion works without any kind of issues.


All functions fully work in the regular and PRO version.


  1. Followings
  2. Likes (you can like your followers or like for a couple of tines in one account)
  3. Comments (you can upload the whole list of pre typed comments)
  4. Unfollowings (you can unfollow uncommon followings or set followings limit)


You can always work with the lists: upload the list of contacts which you shouldn’t follow, upload the whitelist of people which you shouldn’t unfollow.


Look for only useful followers. For that you can use:

  1. Geolocation
  2. Hashtags
  3. Business opponents accounts list
  4. The list of accounts you want to lure so they become your followers
  5. Gender filter
  6. Filter by the amount of followers/followings


Important here! A new function: Rejection of business accounts. It’s gonna help you not to follow stores and business accounts on Instagram.  


Additionally you can instal:

  1. Work schedule
  2. Breaks before actions
  3. Your own proxies


zen-promo.com - is a stable service for automatic instagram accounts promotion. And we’ll be happy to have ex InstaPlus and the other suffered clients with us with special offers.


Pay for any zen-promo.com plan you like and write to this email: support@zen-promo.com attach any proof that you are an Instaplus, Instagress or ToolyGram client or any other service and get 50% discount for your account.


zen-promo stays with you and keeps promoting thousands of accounts every day!


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