Promotion of your creativity on Instagram

Promotion of your creativity on Instagram

Art is an important part of our daily lives. For a long time, people have been using it to convey the era, those values ​​that were relevant. And even if creative people step on this path mainly for themselves, everyone wants to be popular on the Internet: this isn’t only a matter of fame, recognition of the author, but also his career. Through social networks employers can find future illustrators, designers, sculptors and other people.

Personal profile or business account?

The question isn’t obvious, because of this there are many questions. It seems like a company at all, and yet some kind of business. How to be, what to choose?

If you want to sell your work or you’re seeking employers, the best decision is, of course, to make a business account. It allows you to promote posts, track activity and adds other pleasant and useful things for just this purposes. Leave personal profile for yourself or for works that do not claim to be serious: sketches, draft versions, unsuccessful works. In general, for all that could clog your portfolio.

If you are still a beginner creator and just want to find your audience, then it's best to choose a personal one. This doesn’t hurt you to advertise your profile, anyway.

Learn more about the benefits of a business account in this article.

Few simple tips:

Get started now

The most difficult is to start. A lot of creators are always stopped by dissatisfaction with their skill level, the conviction that we still need to learn. This is especially felt when a beginner goes into the profile of an already known artist or designer and sees a bunch of impeccable works there. Immediately the thought arises: he pumped his skill first, and then he began to post. In fact, this is often far from true.

A lot of artist hide old works because they don’t correspond to the level that possesses now. For them, the profile is like a portfolio: there is only the best there. But this doesn’t mean that you should be guided by the same principles, especially the first time. You need to gain an audience and do at least something to promote the page now.

Don’t be confused or intimidated by yourself. Surely every pro have a fan who will complain: “Oh, I remember you since you had 100 subscribers, how you changed ...”

Get yourself nickname

It’s very important for the author to choose just such a nickname so that it is simple and expressive. Other people will often mention him, make sure that they don’t break their tongue or fingers.

Write bio

Tell us about yourself in a nutshell. What is your name, where do you live, what do you do. Be sure to leave your contacts so that you can be contacted if something happens.

Choose hashtags correctly

Analyze popular posts, see where there are more likes and where less.

Make preview

Instagram allows you to upload several photos in one post using the “Carousel" function. Sometimes a certain passage of a work is more lovely than the whole, because details that are pleasing to the eye are visible. You can show this fragment, which you consider successful, by hiding the full version of the work behind it. Especially useful for artists.

Target your audience

Finding yourself is great, but sometimes it's better to listen to what subscribers say about your style. Of course, if you really like what you do. Try to find a middle ground between your own opinion and the opinion of the people who are watching you, to choose an alternative. But do not make drastic changes in the style of “now I paint with only two colors” or “no dresses, now I only sew toys”.


Bring the beauty

Despite first and last points, posting everything would be reckless. Save the curvy five-minute for a personal profile, lay out the cleaners. It is advisable to keep one color scheme, more or less similar to the previous work - so the profile will look more organically. Or you can add a publication frame that separates one work from another.

If you want to be more sophisticated, then play with color combinations: for example, gray-blue will prevail in one of your photos, and bright orange will prevail in the other, which goes well with it.

How to take a photo of your work beautifully?

Many craftswomen make a gross mistake by irresponsible attitude to photographs of their work. And this is very important! Feeding can make a terrible or simply uninteresting creature out of the most beautiful doll. Or maybe, on the contrary, from a mediocre daub, make a nice decoration. To catch the eye of the viewer, it is important to take care of a beautiful picture or video.

Buy a good camera. Or choose a phone with a good camera. Or find a friend you can borrow from. In any case, photographing work on a soap dish isn’t serious.

Set the light. Don’t take pictures in the dark. It is best to use natural light, but if this is not possible, then ensure a uniform flow of artificial light. It is advisable not with a table lamp, but with something more serious.

If you don’t have a beautiful background, then you can make your own photophone. There are many video lessons on the Internet of varying degrees of difficulty - choose the right one and go ahead.

Try flatlay. Similar photos have always been popular especially on Instagram. A beautiful composition is guaranteed to attract new customers to you. By the way, bright photos are better for sale.

Learn.It is never too late to learn, especially if the knowledge is useful. And you will need a beautiful photo everywhere, be sure that any user who wants a beautiful profile on Instagram can and should spend time studying the basics.

Post regularly

If you abandon your profile, there will be no increase in subscribers. And Instagram won’t promote you as actively as before. So try to take the time to update your profile, preferably those that don’t look like excuses for subscribers.

Well, so we figured out what to do in order to develop our profile as a creator on Instagram. We hope that our tips will help you get subscribers faster and find yourself in the huge creative segment of social networks.

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