Promotion through Instagram tags

Promotion through Instagram tags

02 Apr 2020 Business

Hashtags are the highlight of Instagram. Most likely, associations with them arise immediately, as soon as you see the mention of this social network. But do they really work so well? All about their device now - in this article.

Why put hashtags

Hashtags combine notes with each other in a common theme, making it easier for those interested to search for them. It is enough to enter a word into the search, and all posts with this word will become available to the user.
Many companies launch their own hashtags to promote. Here is an example of using hashtags for promotion, where there is both challenge and rally:


Recently, you can now subscribe to hashtags, and then all entries with them will be displayed in the stream. And they can also be blocked to, accordingly, hide posts.

You can track the performance of hashtags in business account statistics. There is an indicator of the transition to the recording through the hashtag.

How to find out which hashtags are popular?

You can use special services in order to see which hashtags are more popular than others. They show the number of publications, so you can draw certain conclusions.

Use the search, enter a keyword and see what tags offer you. Open the first few entries in the top and rate the number of likes and comments. Compare with others tag. For example, two similar tags - artgram artstagram. Both are formed from the same words and are absolutely identical in meaning. But one has two million publications, the other six. Draw conclusions about which of these two is better for yourself.

Of course, the main audience of bloggers comes not from tags, but bloggers themselves can have a positive impact on them. That is, the tag that the popular blogger puts will collect more views.

See which tags your competitors set. But you should not copy completely thoughtlessly - at least check if it is popular enough. But there is another side to the coin.

Popular tags. Too popular tags.

The most popular tags at the moment are #love, #selfie, #me, #instadaily. Hundreds of entries are published there every minute, and the chance that someone will notice and rate your entry among others is extremely small. Moreover, many people added them to ignored, because of which your record for them will simply disappear. You need to understand and calculate the most optimal option.

The most important thing to consider is that the tag should relate to the topic of publication. #like4like, #followback and other similar promotions will not bring you a lively and active audience, and sometimes they can even add bots to you in subscribers.

Sometimes a record marked with a hashtag just does not appear in the stream. These are the bugs of Instagram itself, which, alas, cannot be fixed.

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