Quarantine Promotion

Quarantine Promotion

29 May 2020 Business

For business, the epidemic was a big blow. And if big business still survives somehow, then medium and small ones are in very sad conditions. Many have already closed, many have suffered heavy losses, lost good employees. Without a trace the epidemic has not passed for anyone.

However, for a business that exists on Instagram and has a public profile there, things may not go so sadly. Optimism may not be out of place if you approach the matter wisely.

How to use quarantine to your advantage

Despite all the horrors of quarantine, it still has some advantages. Smart marketers are trying to squeeze all the pros out of his position. Even physical stores, such as cafes and restaurants that have profiles on social networks, can survive quarantine: firstly, configure delivery, and secondly, fuel people's interest and desire to visit you as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that after quarantine ends, people will quickly run to physical institutions to see friends, family and relatives, enjoy their stay in a favorite place, where it is quiet and comfortable. Provoke them, “tease” with beautiful photos or some new dish on the menu.

Use this time to learn more about the tastes and preferences of your readers. This is perhaps the best time to chat with them, arrange some kind of interactive or live broadcast.

Instagram itself is trying to help you get ahead. For example, the sticker “stay home” appeared, when you click on it, it shows all the stories where it is. Someone use it for promotion.

What to quarantine on Instagram

1. Tell something new

You probably have information that not everyone can know about. And many subscribers just had time to read posts on instagram. Amazing coincidence.

2. Show the process

Will it be a tutorial, or just a sticky video - not so important. The process of creating something, whether it's a cocktail or a portrait from nature, is itself interesting content. And if you also manage to make a full-fledged video tutorial out of it, then it will be absolutely wonderful.

3. Share your life, take a tour

It's time to tell about yourself or show yourself, your successes. Do you have a story? Share it with everyone. During quarantine, people are especially sensitive to any mental posts.

4. Have a flashmob or marathon

A great option for gyms and fitness clubs. Particularly stubborn people try to keep fit even in such a difficult time. Give them motivation! A well-planned flash mob or marathon will greatly increase your asset and people's trust in the company, which in turn is also very important.


Coffee houses, restaurants and other establishments can also arrange a flash mob, but culinary. For example, a contest for the most beautiful dish. A gift may be a certificate for goods and services available after a pandemic.

Do not be afraid to open donations. If you already have your own layer of people who love and value the company, then some of them will only be happy to support you with at least a small amount. Express their gratitude to them, give each donator a small bonus after quarantine. Services such as Patreon and Ko-fi are now very popular. Of course, you shouldn’t make paid for all the content (after all, this will not be voluntary support, but compulsory support), but you can make some part available only to donators.

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