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Restaurant interior design for promoting in Instagram. Infographics

Restaurant interior design for promoting in Instagram. Infographics

Restaurant industry is one of the most challenging branches of business. About 17% of establishments are shut down during the first year of existing. To keep the doors open and lights on, many coffeehouses and restaurants drift toward alternative approaches to advertising and use social media for marketing purposes.

Packing Services on Instagram

When Instagram was gaining its steam, owners of establishments couldn’t even imagine that social media might ever overturn the food service industry and open new ways for young entrepreneurs. Nowadays, restaurant-keepers can create a food website design and choose a promoting opportunity that would not cut down the budget, but instead, would bring positive response and popularity..

Welcome to the world of social media!

Interior design and Instagram

When restaurant-keepers from all over the world realized that the future belongs to social networks, they advanced the slogan “We want some more INSTAGRAMABLE design!”

Investing in interesting design solutions didn’t seem a waste of budget at that time. After all, guests are attracted not only by food in a restaurant menu but also by the interior which can set the tone for the whole establishment and content quality.

Instagram fall updates in 2018

The rules of interior design change together with social media. Now the key point is visual presentation. Customers tend to use every single detail to capture their experience and share it with friends. All of the interior elements are important, up to table linen, for they appear on a guest’s phone cam.

How can you catch up with the promoting of your restaurant through Instagram? What should each restaurant-keeper bear in mind?

Seasonal decoration

Instagram content changes, and so does the photo style. Some publications recommend to apply various filters for processing of photos depicting different seasons. Themes of pictures should be changed depending on a season. In autumn the fallen leaves are popular, in winter Christmas atmosphere would be suitable, in spring the blooming plants look great and in summer sea seems to be a nice option.

Photos taken in various establishments make the major part of content posted by modern bloggers. That’s why setting changing is a significant marketing solution. Try to transform your restaurant according to the season, and you’ll have the chance to be noticed by social networks. You know, people eat with their eyes.

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There are many ways for standing out of the crowd. You may find some ideas in guidebook for seasonal decoration, for instance. There you’ll learn how to decorate your restaurant for coming holidays.

Design trends

Fashion changes almost as often as seasons. Trends appear everywhere - from beauty industry to graphic design. No sooner had bright and neon tones in glossy magazines and on catwalks become fashionable, as bright colour solutions and neon signs started to conquer their places in interior. The neon signs regained immediately their former glory.

However, it should be noted that it’s quite important to keep your own brand identity in this world of constant changes. There are basic rules, by following which any establishment can preserve its conception.

Restaurants are influenced by social media

Did you know that 30% of Z generation (young people born after 1996) are not ready to visit a restaurant that doesn’t have a promoted Instagram account? Fortunately for establishments, this figure is typical for the US statistics only as for the time being. However, it doesn’t mean that this trend is going to sidestep us. By 2040, 40% of visitors will belong to Z generation. Quite an interesting notice, given that its representatives share the content over social media much more often than others.

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Nowadays, there is much concern about making restaurants more photogenic and instagramable. The owners should pay attention to the key rules of restaurant space decoration. In infographics below, you may see the principles of building an instagramable establishment and influence of Instagram over restaurant business.

How Instagram changes restaurants

HoReCa & Instagram

Instagram has already overturned the hospitality industry. More and more people decide where to go by watching social networks. Owners and managers have to create an establishment that is capable of content generating.

Crude facts about Instagram

30% of millennials choose a restaurant basing on its presence in social networks 69% of millennials take photos of a dish before eating it Millennials visit restaurants 20% more often than the other age groups

Anatomy of an instagramable restaurant

1. Front window and exterior
Distinguish yourself by original decorative solutions - it will attract the passers-by and underline your individuality.

6. Good-looking tableware
Nothing can complete a photo more than careful serving and its compatibility with the main menu.

2. Good lighting
You should use daylight illumination for your visitors to get perfect pictures

7. Bright walls
Attractive bright walls or an interesting pattern may serve as a great background for making photos.

3. Fashionable lamps
Care should be taken in choosing appropriate lamps. Functionality and design are now leading trends.

8. Neon sign
Neon light in restaurant interior is a trend in social media. Write the name of your restaurant and place it in a prominent place (behind the bar counter, for instance).

4. Attention to details
Think of details that would add something new to your brand and open its conception.

9. Original floor tiles
Interesting floor solutions can be additional drives for new photos.

5. Food
Original food presentation looks great on pictures and can become a hit. Guests may order special dishes just for making photos of them.

10. History of the restaurant
Tell the history of your restaurant. You may use pictures, paintings and valuable items. Guests are interested in the life of the establishment and that of its owners.

Change yourself, stay ahead of the curve and consider the demands of young people. This is a right way to the prosperity in restaurant business. Good luck!

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