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Revolutionary search for accounts using geolocation and keywords - only in Zen-promo!

Revolutionary search for accounts using geolocation and keywords - only in Zen-promo!

We have worked hard on a unique algorithm to collect the target audience for your business and finally glad to introduce it to you!


With the new function, you can collect users from those geotags that are not visible to you in regular search by cities and regions, and also are not shown by any our service-competitor.

We are glad to announce that the function is already available for all Zen-promo users regardless whether you use regular or PRO version of Zen-promo!

If you did a good job and now know exactly where your target audience is, then we have great news too: we also did a good job and now you have functional tool for the deep search for this audience as precisely as possible. You can almost completely exclude the possibility of working on random accounts, Zen-promo will only work where you need it.

You may think that there is nothing special here, you could select geotags in the Zen-promo settings before. But no, now everything is much cooler!

Before, when you searched for an audience by location, Zen-promo offered to select only the most popular geotags related to a city or region. Especially, it complicated the task of searching the needed audience in large cities. Now you can tell Zen-promo where to search those you need with help of keywords, and what's important - to show where not to look at all!

For example, you are interested in people who regularly visit a cafe in the certain city. You add the keyword "cafe" in the search string and we will collect additional geotags, in the title of which this word is contained.

Spa? - You are welcome! Gym? - Sure, not a problem! Bakery? Here they are!

With the new feature, you will never miss your audience, we will help to collect absolutely all of them and even Aunt Polly who visits the local grocery store, if she uses Instagram, of course)

Another example. You are a tutor, you need students.Firstly, you search for the educational institutions where your disciplines are taught, then add the keywords "college", "university", "institute" (as much as you want) and collect the audience that you need.

We hope that you already understood how keywords will allow you to more accurately find your audience and get additional clients!  Analyze and search, create your work plans, and share your success with us.

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