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Selling posts: text trends of 2020

Selling posts: text trends of 2020

28 Sep 2020 Business

It is naive to rely only on the quality of photos in posts. Text is also a very important part of any campaign, even within a business profile. After all, what else will orient the buyer if he stops his eyes on the picture? What else will be able to submit a tempting offer that he cannot refuse?

Writing posts correctly is an art in the realities of modern marketing.

How to write relevant

So, let's figure it out: what do you need to write in a comment under a post or in a bio profile now?

— Inappropriate use of emoji is going out of style. Now kisses after each sentence are more likely to repel. But do not rush to completely abandon cute faces and aesthetic icons, because they can break the text!

Using aesthetic emojis to split text into paragraphs and lists is super trending. Try to find an emoji that suits your design.

— Cases work well - they are always interesting to read for those who are brewing in the same topic. Now case studies are perhaps one of the most trending formats of storytelling. Of course, it's better to post something so large-scale on another resource, but no one forbids announcing it on your Instagram profile! Lay out a few paragraphs, for example, and attach the rest with a link.

It's the same with interviews. The most important thing in this case is to interest the reader so that he follows the link.

— Don't be afraid to write longreads. If you, of course, have something to write about. Even thinking out loud can arouse the interest of subscribers, and they may want to discuss this topic in the comments, express their position or support yours. And interesting stories from life related to the topic of the profile will definitely find a reader.

— Text is a powerful tool. They can appease the client, they can smash competitors or ruin your reputation. It is not so difficult to cause a public outcry, because people react sharply to any deviation from generally accepted norms, including moral norms. Make a joke about a terrorist attack that killed hundreds of people and you will already get a lot of attention. Only now ... do you need it? It is better to move slowly, but with a clean reputation, than to flare up and go out after a month, leaving a shame on your name.

Text on photo

Text on photos is still a trending thing, especially for targeted ads. But keep in mind that the picture should initially be made for a loud slogan - you need to calculate the space for the letters, choose the appropriate font and color, and put everything together correctly. You can't just add an inscription in the Instagram editor at the last moment before sending!

It's good if the text is correctly played. like in this ebay ad for example:

Loud headlines like "Sale!" or "Promotion!" do not attract as much attention as they once did. Everywhere there are some promotions and sales, customers are already fed up with this. The headline should intrigue and draw into the main content of the text block. A potential client should understand in a split second that he needs it. If you already write "Discounts", then at least indicate which ones!

Inspired by new posts, big and small? Then go ahead - it's time to conquer Instagram with pen and paper ... Or at least with a keyboard.

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