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Stalking in Instagram: what it is and how to deal with it

Stalking in Instagram: what it is and how to deal with it

31 Jul 2020

Stalking in social networks is a very undesirable and obsessive attention to a particular person and shadowing instagramom another user. Stalking is not considered illegal in the Russian Federation, so those who simply watch cannot be held accountable. Not only popular personalities, but also ordinary social users can become victims of stalking. networks. These can be constant likes, intrusive comments, and much more.



What is stalking

Types of stalking

Network stalking can be divided into several types. The species themselves were identified by psychologists from Australia and identified the following groups:

  • Ex relationships: victims who had a close relationship with the persecutor;
  • Friends and acquaintances;
  • Professional acquaintances: students, clients became persecutors;
  • Working acquaintances: workplace stalker;
  • Strangers: the victim is a random person;
  • Celebrities: popular politicians, etc.

Surveillance in social networks is cyberstalking, which has become possible in the modern world.

When stalking is no longer just a joke

It is important to know the distinction between surveillance on social networks and the real danger, which may be the pursuer. Stalking forces the victim to change his usual way of life, restricts his movement and freedom.

Often there are cases when the victim of surveillance in Instagram start receiving threatening messages and pictures, and sometimes writing. Sometimes everything goes even further - the pursuer spoils the property of his victim, hunts down his address and may even threaten directly.

For normal surveillance currently can not be held liable person, but in the case of threats, suspicious calls and other similar moments - is necessary to fix the evidence, and be sure to contact the police to ensure the safety of themselves and their families.


How social media is helping stalkers track their victims

Instagram tracking of a user opens up a huge number of opportunities for a possible stalker, and also gives him a lot of information. Instagram is a very popular network where people post photos from their lives, stories and other videos every day. This is what gives the stalker a clue about the life of his victim.

The persecutor pays attention to:

  • Places where the user appears;
  • People tagged in photos;
  • Places marked in the photo;
  • Hobbies and comments of the victim;
  • His relatives and other people who may be with him in commercials or on the photo;
  • Other information from the profile.

If possible, do not trust social networking too personal information, including phone number and personal address.

Signs that someone is stalking you

Instagram surveillance of the user - serious violation of personal space, and this should be treated with caution. You need to be aware of those signs that may indicate that someone is watching a person:

  • They can leave their mark under a variety of publications;
  • Most of their comments are about personal matters;
  • These users may receive spam in private messages;
  • They know a lot about a person, even if he did not tell them anything;
  • There are attempts to intimidate the person;
  • Obsession.

Despite the fact that Instagram user tracking may seem insignificant, there may be a few more signs:

  • User property can be damaged after some network threats;
  • The address may receive unexpected gifts, letters or postcards.

Also, a close person can become a stalker.

It is worth paying attention to the signs above and considering whether you qualify for these signs. If so, you should think about your actions in social media. 



How to deal with harassment and where to go for help

It is almost impossible to bring to justice a stalker who is spying on another person's Instagram. Only when the victim receives real threats of murder or injury. But if there is no evidence of this, then you should pay attention to other ways to ensure your safety:

  • Don't give vague answers and answer clearly “no”;
  • Ask for help from relatives and friends;
  • Don't post your whole life on social media network and encrypt personal profile data. Better to keep it closed and only allow familiar people;
  • Don't be alone.



Online harassment on Instagram is not a funny thing, but a very real thing and you should not be afraid to ask for help if it seems that something is wrong. It is important to understand that personal safety and freedom is more important than anything else.

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