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Stories: anonymous questions, polls, masslooking

Stories: anonymous questions, polls, masslooking

02 Apr 2020 Tutorial, Business

Stories format has irreversibly affected our lives. It’s hard to imagine a blogger who has never made a video in this format. There is no blogger who can exist without it. But do you really know all the subtleties of this function?

Now we will tell you about some, and also tell you what massage is.

Questions and polls


If it comes to a popular blogger, then everything is as obvious as possible: people may use this to find out an interesting fact from his life. But the opportunity to ask a question can be used not only for the sake of interest! Here are some ideas:


  1. DLottery. If you are planning a small lottery for twenty-four hours (for example, for a subscription or for some small amount of money), then stories can help you. Ask everyone who wants to participate to vote, and then choose the winners among them. An effective way to increase views, especially if you make such pleasant things on an ongoing basis, but on different days.


  1. Newsletter to wishful. If you have any information that you are ready to share with everyone, or, for example, only from a certain age, you can thus attract their attention and ask them to vote.


  1. Polls. Yes, Instagram has a separate polling function, but it is rather meager. If you conduct some kind of research where you need a detailed opinion, then questions can also help you - a person can write you a rather large opinion in volume.


  1. Consultation. It will be very useful for specialists, for example, doctors, psychologists, lawyers.


Polls are limited, but this simplicity and convenient. Just give two variations of the answer and invite the audience to choose. Seeing the survey, many find it difficult not to take part in it.

How to add questions or polls to stories?

When you doing stories, go to the “stickers” and select the appropriate function. This is how they look:


Everyone who sees your story will be able to click on the window or answer option.

Are anonymous questions really anonymous?

For viewers, yes. For the account to which this question is addressed, no. He sees the nickname of the person who asks him, can follow the link to his profile. So be careful with provocative questions! You can get a not very nice answer to them.


But polls are completely anonymous.

Other stickers

Place, hashtag, mention, temperature and time

Pretty clear and simple stickers. In the first three, you must specify the information manually, and in the last two the phone will do everything for you - Instagram takes the time and temperature from there in your area. They can be used as nice additions to the overall picture.



A funny thing that helps establish feedback. It basically works as a rating on the “bad - good” scale - that is, the more to the right, the better. But in fact, you can use the slider in different cases - for example, ask about the size or ask to choose from two options.



If you have any important dates planned, use a countdown in your story. Viewers will see relevant information, because the timer is on!



Check your followers! Give them a survey with the correct answer. This sticker will help people learn something new about your company or your personality.

There are a lot of viewing in my story, but no feedback. Why?

Perhaps this story has simply become a victim of masslooking. Masslooking is a mass viewing of stories that some accounts do in order to attract an audience.  A rather harmless way of promotion, since it actually leaves no traces after itself - it don’t spoil the statistics for you, and the stories disappear anyway after a day.  Maybe some of the viewed accounts will really interest you?

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