Stories in a business account

Stories in a business account

29 May 2020 Business

A business account is absolutely necessary for Story - at least in order to better understand their audience and establish contact in it. Among other things, story is a great format for maintaining the interest of your subscribers - so they often see you in the feed, often stumble on your products and are interested in them. Only now, along with this, a logical question arises - what should I remove to a business account from a story?

Catch a few relevant ideas for stories:

Helpful information

It is worth noting that on instagram many bloggers, not only commercial accounts, use stories for important information. For example, it can be delivery conditions, a memo of cooperation, contact details, addresses and so on. All this is fixed in highlights, representing an organic and convenient list. You should immediately think about how to do the same on your account, because there will always be some important information that does not fit in the header, but should still be visible.


Advertising stories work well, which periodically flicker with the user in general. By correctly formatting such an advertisement, you can easily lure your customers through advertising promotion of the instagram itself.



You can also advertise your own products - additional merch, website and more. If you have something that is not included in the standard list of goods and services, but it may be interesting to loyal fans - go ahead, lure them.

New items

The very first thing that comes to mind is replenishment of the store with various new products. If you suddenly have a new thing, then this is a good reason to make not only a joyful post, but also a story in addition. Attach photos there, where all products will be visually shown, or record a video with a test or fitting.


If you have a competition, then you need to be reminded of it periodically. You never know who decided to connect later, and then forgot. Maybe one of your subscribers did not see the post at all, but did he notice the story? In general, the essence is clear - story can serve as a “reminder” of the current draw or competition, thanks to which you can attract more people.



Answers on questions

Do you often ask any questions? Maybe there are those that can be called "frequently asked"? If so, then this is a good reason to do a “debriefing” and sort through everything that your customers are interested in. Ask subscribers to ask their questions and answer on their behalf. This will help you better establish communication with your viewers and gain their trust - people are pleased when they know that a real person is behind the business, and he cares.

The whole result can be left on the menu so that each new user can turn to these stories with their own question. Very comfortably!

Satisfied customers

Cosmetic clinics, stylists, designers and other specialists of this kind will not have difficulty making a comparison before / after. If you somehow change people or their surroundings, then demonstrate this clearly. So the audience will see that their money is not wasted.



You can publish any ugc that you get! Satisfied customers always benefit your business.

Use stickers!

Instagram gave you the opportunity to organize polls and quizzes, but you do not use it? Well, very vain, because thanks to these chips you can very easily diversify your content. Surveys can help especially well, because thanks to them, you can arrange a good interactive. For example, you can ask for help in a design solution, or find out what they want to see soon in the price list.

Secrets, recipes, lifehacks

Do not limit yourself to strict boundaries. If you want to make some content with your personal participation, then you can afford it! Get closer to your audience - tell something new, share your favorite recipe, discover the secret of success. The main thing is that all this fits into the theme of your business, otherwise it turns out somehow ugly.

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