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Talking of verification or Instagram has gone wild

Talking of verification or Instagram has gone wild

Dear users, in the middle of December our service and all other Instagram promotion services will face with yet another defensive algorithms.

The main point is that when you log in to your account with a device different from your usual one it will ask for verification with a special code.

Here is the list of typical issues every user might face with after adding an account to Zen-promo or to any other Instagram promotion service.

A verification window popped up

You don’t need to close the window and be afraid of it. These are Instagram rules, which will do their best to protect users and their accounts from being stolen. This innovation was made only for your accounts safety and you just need to get used to that now. Instagram simply asks to confirm that you are a real owner who uses the account for this service. Don’t hesitate to do everything as follows.

Your account is on safe ground.

You should just go through verification in the window so the service can start working correctly. At first, you’ll choose a verification source where a code will be sent and then you’ll see a popped up window to type in the code. We should also mention that there is a 50% chance for your account will be added without verification and you won’t see such window at all.

If verification is needed, just type in your mobile number or an email address associated with your account, type the received code in the special field and click “send” button.  

The service will send this code to Instagram for the account verification.


 Can’t receive a verification code

This problem is very common, and the most unpleasant thing that it’s due to unsatisfactory Instagram service itself, plus because of a regular block of messages and emails from ISPs and email services.  

If you happened to have such problem try to request a code again.

Or change the type of verification, for example by email instead of phone number.

If you still can’t receive it then try again in a few hours.

If it still didn’t help then try to remove your account from Zen-promo in the “Settings” and try to add it again.

We also noticed that verification codes are usually sent to emails without any problems so we can recommend this type of verification more.

If you don’t have your phone number and email address attached to your account you can do that in the profile settings whether on the Instagram app on its web version.

Verification got stuck “looped”

There is no universal solution has found for such issue yet. It can happen to any account, there is no logic has found there neither.

That what we recommend if you happen to have such problem:

  1. If you have a Windows, Mac OS or Android device, remove your Instagram account from Zen-promo user’s account, install ZenApp, then log in using your Zen-promo details and then try to add the account again after a successful sync. As statistics show that in more than a half cases there is no verification window when you try to add an account after ZenApp synchronization, plus there is a much less chance get a “looped verification”. You can learn more about ZenApp in this article, and here you can read the answers to the most frequent questions about the app. You can download the app by clicking this link.   
  2. Try to remove your account fromZen-promo in the “Settings” and add it again and then go through verification again.
  3. Try to go through verification later. As a matter of fact, you just solve the problem like that. You have to give your account some time to “relax” and to try again in a few hours or on the next day.

We wish you a successful promotion!

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