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Target audience of your Instagram account

Target audience of your Instagram account

The material written in this article is meant for Instagram beginners, for those who just make the first steps building their accounts. This information can be useful for business accounts users, interesting publics users and personal accounts. We’ll define what target audience is and explain it on a certain example also will show how to make such users to follow your account.


Usually people think that the fast Instagram promotion is when you get massive and unlimited amount of bots followers. If you have a goal to show off thousands of followers to your friends then everything goes by the plan and such account promotion type would suit you the most. However Instagram is a powerful platform for selling, people successfully sell goods and info products, increase the company recognizability and create their own brands. For business accounts untarget followers and bots is dead weight, thousands posts of quality content out the window, low profile activity and the worst thing no self development. Every Instagram account has it, but less is better.


Who do we need for success?

Target audience is a selected image of a typical product consumer from geographic, social or psychographic criterias. To create your target audience you’ve got to analyse groups of people with their needs which suit the product plus those people who can buy it. You can create a portrait of the target audience based on such info:

  1. Current consumers
  2. Potential clients, who would most likely like the product, but has never thought about it.
  3. Consumers who are clients of your business opponent.

Active users is your target audience, who already follow your profile, click likes often, comment, and buy products. Active users is our everything they will rise sells, their likes and comments bring the post up top in the newsfeed, as the result more people will see the post. Target followers will make products to be sold faster and also make better posts grading in the “smart” newsline.


For example the target audience of the modern clothes showroom in Ufa are girls 20-27 years old from this city and its region who follow modern fashion trends. They want their clothes match modern fashion trends, that’s why they look for similar models for better price.

They choose clothes in mass-markets or on the internet, their choice is often defined by the general picture of the offer. For example a dress on the mannequin in the white background sells less than the same dress on the picture of the model taken in rich interior.


They also follow fashion places of Ufa in social networks. Follow popular public pages and official pages of popular brands.


The quickest was to find your audience on Instagram.


So you finally have a perfectly organized profile and well-considered plan. You only lack those for whom it was all meant to be - your active users. Use Zen-promo to lure them.


Your business opponent has those followers who would be 99,9% interested in you. It’s one of many tools on Zen-promo it lets you set target at certain accounts. For your choice you can turn on likes, followings or comments. You only have left to choose a “base”.


Search for business opponents on Instagram.

Set the list of accounts with similar activity, with the same or adjoined topic. You should choose those who you 100% want to be on your TA interest. To find business opponents you should use.

  1. Google or Yandex search

Let’s get back to showroom in Ufa. Their business opponents on the internet are the top search results for “Showroom in Ufa”, “clothes studio in Ufa” and “Ufa brand clothes”. We found business opponents accounts on Instagram through a website or VK profile. And here what we found:

@viktoriya_sayp @zolotoy_pesok @1001dress @2princessufa @shurumburumufa @doliri_dizain @elyts.ru @grande_stock


      2) With hashtags


You should pick a few thematic hashtags and type them in for Instagram search. Choose posts with the most amount of likes and comments, and pick profiles who made such posts. Also pay attention at the other hashtags in popular posts.


Small advice: When you start posting for your account, make test posts with different kinds of hashtags and pick the most effective using Zen-promo analytics service. For our showroom in Ufa we’ve selected such hashtags as #clothesufa (clothes ufa), #fashionufa, #dressesufa, #showroomufa. And we got this list:

@lady_shop_ufa @sabrina_salihova_design @d_and_a_trendy @anastasiya_annecy @gepurufa @theone_luxury_ufa @elysium_shop_ufa @dressshopufa @labellaufa @_hippo_magazin_ @showroom__ufa @le_mix_ufa @lvalentinasagadeeva @luxstore.rf @llady_moda2016 @loksana_skorpionka @lrentaholic


Now you’ve got to make one list out of two, which will be used for automatic Instagram account promotion. You need pages with comments and likes from real people. Use InstaSpy on Zen-promo to see in which profiles posts get the most likes and comments.


Remove profiles from the list which:

  1. Have not enough followers;
  2. Have many followers, but too little likes and comments;
  3. Have many bots and business accounts followings.


As the result you’ll have pages with high quality base of active and involved followers, who will be interested in your account and content for sure.


So now to attract the audience attention you only need to follow these steps:

  1. To choose a certain targeting type in Zen-promo settings;
  2. To type in names of selected accounts;
  3. Choose action you want Zen-promo to do for you;
  4. Launch the project

For better effect always work for improving your contents. So you posts become more useful, more interesting, cooler than you business opponents have.


A small hint for you at last


If the geography of sales is bound to a certain city, you can set your target for the followers of popular places and shopping centers in the city. You can read how to find your target audience in the certain city or region in our next detailed article. And for now, you can test your knowledge using Zen-promo. You can wind up a number of likes and Instagram followers for free using the website. Also, you can quickly wind a number of followers and retweets on Twitter. All promotions happen online you don’t need to download any software.  

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