The art of writing posts

The art of writing posts

Not everyone can be writers. Someone simply cannot find the right words, even when he writes a message to someone - the phrase will be incorrect and ambiguous, or he will give a different tone to the message. But if you want to independently promote yourself and your profile on the Internet, then to be able to correctly express thoughts is necessary skill.

Why you need to write posts

People don’t like facelessness. If you do not communicate with subscribers, then nobody will care about you. Since you have something to tell, tell and do not hide.

There is one terrible secret: people by nature are a little selfish, they like to talk about themselves and get interest in their person from the outside. It’s not good or bad thing, it’s just a fact. Many people will gladly give an answer to every question, even if it was addressed to a large group of people - a lot of bloggers use this to add more comments to posts and videos. And is it worth mentioning that the number of comments from live users has a positive effect on the promotion of your account? I think this is obvious.

Posts can build your reputation. Being a person with a good reputation, you can count on a large layer of a loyal audience that will remain with you even in the most difficult moment. Those people are more reliable, because they really love you, like you’re their good friend.

This isn’t necessary for promotion, you can have a bad reputation and be a very media person. However, you must remember that such fame will be fleeting - if you’re lucky to quickly “fly up”, then you will fall at the same pace. Therefore, it’s recommended to gain an audience with good and enjoyable posts, rather than scandals.

Posts can help to get attention to something important. Say something useful or advertise a product. Text is all that did not fit in one photo.

How to write well

To write well is to write simply and conveniently. The first is very easy to implement - just don’t be too wise and don’t use complex words and turns. People shouldn’t get lost in sentences, get confused with punctuation marks. Read your texts yourself and mark points you stumbled - it’s probably better to rewrite these places.

Lifehack: If you want to make the text enjoyable to read, you must alternate between long, medium and short sentences. Like here. At first not too big, but with punctuation. Then you can write a long, detailed sentence with a large number of revolutions, maybe even an enumeration. Then very short. Try to train yourself to compose such texts, keep an eye on the size of the sentences that you compose.

Putting the right words into sentences is already more difficult. Surely you have heard more than once or twice that for a handsome writing you need to read more, especially the classics. This is true, reading has a positive effect on writing skills, but such tips also give rise to new graphomaniacs who seek to twist sentences like Dostoevsky. For fiction, this may be the case. But we’re writing posts in the social media! There is nothing to twist here, otherwise people won’t read. 

Pick up a few articles that you really like and analyze them. On what basis does the author arrange words in a sentence? Maybe he has some interesting chips that aren’t immediately evident? For the simple reader, this is just a pleasant text, and for the author there are years of preparation and practice. Don’t be afraid to borrow any details that you like; in any case, you don’t write in the same way as in the original, but you’ll already have some kind of style.

How to ad a product

When writing ad posts, you must, first of all, consider the interests of readers. If this product solves problems, then write down which ones and under what circumstances. Then write down the advantages, the difference from competitors, why this product is generally so good. Just don’t say that which is actually not there. If a person still accepts a chance that shampoo will be “not his” product, he’s quite capable of evaluating the functionality of the kettle.

If you paint this schematically, it will look something like this:

  1. The product itself, what it is and what is called;
  2. What problems does it solve;
  3. What properties does it have;
  4. Interesting facts about this product (optional);
  5. Everything else: cost, stocks, terms of delivery, etc.

This order is very simple to explain: everything is arranged according to the priorities of people. Why is the name at the very top if it plays such an unimportant role? Well, think for yourself: when we’re reading a product description, we always skip the name, but we know where it is. It is placed in the most visible place so that the client after reading the rest of the description can return to it and remember/write. If you rearrange it at the end, it will confuse the reader.

And keep in mind: you should not try to use a bunch of new buzzwords in advertising if you haven’t experience with this. That move can attract a new audience or make her feel ashamed.

But if you feel that this method doesn't suit you, then everything is in your hands. Experiment, but be careful. Analyze competitor posts and decide if this concept is right for you. There are a lot of ways to make advertising innovative and unique.

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