The best guideness og earning money in Instagram in 2019

The best guideness og earning money in Instagram in 2019

Instagram become a new way of money benefition recently. Many people and even social organisations and industry workers use it for earning money and promotiom their work and brands. Instagram became a very popular way of trading nowadays. Al they do it in their own ways. And that is hard to select the best one. But its useful to find out all possible instruments.

What is the most useful

Social networks allow you to promote your channel sucessfully even if you dont use it often. People likely support dialog with each other, discuss products and even make a great advertising without some special reason- they just make their opinions, search new information by this way.Your posts work like a connection branch for the vivsitors of your page. So the most difficult work can be done beforehand. You shuold make your instagram interesting to be popular and to bring somemoney.

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You should make attractive and pleasant hashtags to make a great dialog on-line within your visitors. People wil be your best promoters, sharing posts and hashtags and invite new customers. Besides it is the best way to win an audience for selling products. Using hashtags minimazes the number of intermediaries between the seller and the byer.

How to do it in 2019

One of tne most common ways of earning in Instagram is making deals with brand customers. They will make a conversation in order to decide the following business according to their personal charcteristics such as their following roles and brands features.

Instagram marketing platforms

This process also differs according your choice or promoting way and platform. Photos and hashtags are easier, because it is free and has less constraints than videos or live videos or streams. The last channels could make some difficulties in engagement. This is the most common topics for influencers,so they willlikeky pay for brand promotion.

Tne money amount depends on number of visitors. It means your engaging role in all the process. Untill the number of people grows, your success does it too. You are interested in promotion as far as you can to make a good business.

Another good way to improve visitors interest is to leave promocods or accounts in order to get some price decreasing. It may be shares or coupons or some other way to attract interest to brands prices. This benefits as for brand so for your account, making it more popular.

Company promotion will attract byers to the products in all possible ways. The most effective one as we mentioned is life mouth promotion.

A good method to make an engagement

Using hashtags can be very successfull. You shuold pay attention fot this way of promotion. Hshtags allow to make a comclusion how your visitors think and what do they really write about your product. You shuold analise the most popular tags in order to know the opinion of visitors. Look at posts bellow the hashtags and make the same for each of them. So you will be competenet in byers thoughts and desires as well as possible. It wiil omprive your chances of moneymaking.

You also can make your own posts and hashtags to attract people and knew their attitude to the customer and products. It os necessary to rate the return of investment or ROI. This measurement is not more than another marketing instrument, that allows to estimate sales and investitions of company according to the byers interest to the product. But in such e new field of promotion it is rathet helpful. Using hashtags may be a new way to successful trading in instagramm.

So we decided that working with hashtags could be a very benefional way of brand promotion and trading in instagram. But it requires the clients research to find the best way and the best attendance.

How do i understand what to use

We collected three ways of working with hashtags. At first we tell about several of them to give more information about all methods and then give you our own way of time saving in working with posts and hashtags.

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The first way- work with contenders accounts

This method is rather difficult ans requires a lot of time and efforts. You shuold analyse the work of your rivals with hashtags to get information about their most popular posts. Make a conclusion what is different between your and their work with hashtags, and what is more succesessful and engaging. Differences may not be obvious at first time, so you should do the analysis scrupulously.

It is very important to engage people and research the contenst features of this process. Look at the most popular nine posts under the hashtags. You should understand what pictures or phrases are popular, what kind of people do this posts and do you want them in your trading auditory. You shuold recognize the best variants of hashtags and work with them to get more information. It will help you to make your own base of knowledge about visitors and their opinios. Make this procedure regularly.

The way rewiew

Time: 2/10

Results: 6/10

Extensivity: 3/10

The second method

Another interesting method of workig is calling "stairway". Its name name became after the princip of working with hashtags. At first you should choose the the most popular vriants. This mean that they have more likes than others. Than you find ten posts with the same amount of likes as you have in average. And to te end hashtags with average low level of like. Thats will be the group of less popular ones. So you have three groups of hashtags.

How does it work? It works with special algorithm of the programm. That means that you climb up tha stairs from the less popular to the most. Instagram collects notes about all the groups and your posts. The last stage allows your to climb the higher level than more popular hashtags at the begining.

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The way review

Time : 6/10

Results : 4-7/10 (willl be higer if you use more competent posts)

Our own way of research

At first we used the combination of that two ways. Although it requires a lot more time to find something really effective ,but doesnt give you the only answer have you found your proper byers or not.

To make this combination really the best we asked special workers work out some instruments for choosing hashtags according to our needs. This tools helped us to solve two main problems:

1. The most using hashtags with the most popular ones.

2.Crossing in audience of byers hashtags.

Also we wanted to use the stairway method in order to filtrate hashtags. The filter criteria are the volume of post and average popularity or engagement.

The way review

Time: 10/10

Results: 8/10

Extensivity :9/10


Instagram is really effective platform of earning money. You can start it immediately, learning some information of the best methods and strategy. This network allows to find the best engaged audience and promote your brand quickly and effectivly. You shouldnt afraid some mistakes because you work with people, but you have to learn how to connect with different types of byesra and how to analyse the reaction on you promotion. Star work with Instagram and you wlii be more satisfyed than just being an instagram user.

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