The Complete Guide to Advertising on Instagram

The Complete Guide to Advertising on Instagram

Guide to promote advertising on Instagram.
First, let's find out what Instagram advertising is and why it is necessary. Instagram advertising - is the method of payment of the placement of the sponsored content to reach more and more target audience. It is often used to increase sales, brand popularity. Instagram usually posts photos, so the text here is minimal. Instagram users discover something new, and others decide to buy product after viewing post.

Is it convenient to use Instagram for advertising?
In favor of Instagram we can say one thing: the application uses demographic data, and shows ads to the relevant parties. So you can focus on users who live nearby. It is also possible to control a specific gender, age, interests, user behavior and more. In other words, you provide content to people who are interested in your brand's products.

What is the price of advertising Instagram?
Andrew Tate of AdEspresso says the cost of advertising depends on your audience prior to advertising feedback. They found that the average cost per click is 80 cents. But it all depends on the audience, competition, time of day, even the day of the week and other factors. According to statistics, the cost of advertising Instagram higher than Facebook. The reason for this is the high popularity of Instagram. For one ad you can pay up to $ 5. Advertisers have full control over their spending. For example, you can set the amount you can afford to spend. You can also pay for advertising a year in advance, it will be broadcast throughout the year until the budget is exhausted.

Six easy steps to get started.
Step 1. Go to Facebook advertising Manager.
Instagram advertising is carried out through the user interface of Facebook advertising.

Step 2. Marketing goals.

The most important thing is to choose the campaign goal. If you need more traffic, the goal is to increase traffic. If you need recognition – select the target brand recognition.
Below are the main goals of Instagram advertising. Of these, you need to choose some specific:
Brand awareness - will bring new potential buyers to your brand;
Reach – maximum number of users who will see your ad;
Traffic (for clicks to your website or to the app store for your app) – users will increase traffic to your website;
App installs ;
Engagement (for post engagement only) - allows you to wind likes and shares;
Video views
Conversations (for conversations on your website or app) – will allow you to drive your leads to take action and convert on your website or within your app.

Step 3. Set up your target audience.
The most important step in setting up Instagram ads. This is where you can choose the geodata, data about potential buyers. Usually provide customized data such as: location, age, gender, language, demography. Interests, behavior, connections, user audience, similar audience.

Step 4. Now you need to select the location of advertising. It is important to configure this if you do not want your content to be advertised on Facebook.

Step 5. Set your budget and schedule for your ads.
At first it will be difficult to solve the problem with the budget, but over time you will learn how to manage it. For example, paying for advertising a year in advance is not logical if your business has just started to develop. With daily payment you can control your income and keep track of expenses.

Step 6. Finally, it's time to create Instagram ads!
There are some variants of Instagram advertising:
Photo-advertising – advertising on the photo;

Photo stories – publish stories with photo ads:

Video advertising – advertising in video;

Video stories – publish stories with video advertising;
Carousel advertising – ad feed (up to 10 images in the post);
Canvas ads – here is a collection of all the above types of accommodation.

We hope that this article has helped you to understand the creation of advertising Instagram. After all, this social network is one of the most popular and will undoubtedly bring your business profit and famous.

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