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The top Instagram hashtags

The top Instagram hashtags

Instagram is a lively social network which every month visit more than 800 million active users. Experienced companies are aware of the benefits of such a huge audience, so they develop marketing strategies based on visual content. But even the best work in the world won't do any good if nobody sees it. The most popular Instagram hashtags are like a magic wand that will help you get the most out of every published photo and video.

Instagram hashtags meaning

Thanks to users who upload millions of photos every day, Instagram should provide a guarantee that the right people will see the right content. This is achieved through the use of hashtags, acting as a site indexing system. By adding a description that matches a photo or video, you increase the likelihood that your content will detect more people. Of course, the best hashtags are the most popular, and those which users will be more likely to look for. Thus, using the best tags will help you keep your published content trendy.

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50 most popular hashtags on Instagram



This is the most popular Instagram hashtag, which shows how important it's to spread the love.



The @photooftheday account has a huge number of followers. Use this tag in your daily photos and don't miss the chance to win a place in their prestigious gallery.

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Another tag for pictures that you are proud of.



Why use one tag to showcase your best work if you can specify as many as three?

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Tag the best content and see if your efforts have rated the @instagood profile.



Tag ​​pictures that express your feelings.

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Show your style.



When creating a brand, regularity is important. This tag will let your people know that you are an outstanding content creator.

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The abbreviation "Instagramers" is always in trend since it's the business card of active users.



Another tag which refers to professionals and ordinary Instagrammers.

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It's difficult to build your audience on Instagram. This hashtag means that you are ready to follow in response.



The #followback option.

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Another tag to build your audience.



Like sharing is an additional way to increase visibility, and the #likeback tag indicates that you are happy to participate.

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There are many versions of #likeback, as with tags to increase the number of followers.



Any hashtag with the “for” particle has a similar tag, where the word is replaced with the number.

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Watch for abbreviations of popular tags, including this tag for sharing likes.



Honestly, it's amazing how many tags people are using now for likes and subscriptions.



You can like all day long.

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Instagram is a great way to show yourself, hence the popularity of tags that highlight personality and emotions.



Selfies are an integral part of modern social networks, and photos with people get 38 percent more attention on Instagram.



Everyone wants to see happy, smiling faces.



Not surprisingly, tags related to style and appearance are always in trend in a visual platform like Instagram.

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Another tag is created for real trendsetters.



Social networks are quite capable of turning pets into individuals, and many users post photos of their cats.



And dogs too.

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The #cute tag is another good option for indicating photos of cats or any cute creatures.



The Throwback Thursday tag is intended for old photos (obviously, they are published on Thursday). This is one of the most regularly used tags.



Flashback Friday is a variant of the throwback Thursday concept. Use it if one day of nostalgia is simply not enough.

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Josh Johnson came up with one of the first Instagram-communities.



Instagram has a number of filters that give any photo a more acknowledged look. If you want to be known for your photographer skills, upload unedited content with the #nofilter tag.



Social networks are designed to organize communities and make friends, and photos that promote friendship create a good atmosphere.

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Of course, if people take pictures of their friends, then most likely, and their family too.



The visual platform was created specifically for influential travelers, who often share their adventures with fans.



Beautiful beaches are constantly glimpsed in many profiles dedicated to tourism or extreme sports.



Let's face it - Instagram is fun. This tag is a real favorite.

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Not surprisingly, a little color makes a big difference on Instagram. Bright and colorful images attract attention and increase engagement.



Photography and fashion go hand in hand. Many powerful people use Instagram for this purpose.



Of course, Instagram is a habitat for models.

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The platform is a great way for beauty influencers to show their work.



Tag for sharing a new look.



The last tag is for those who work in the field of beauty, or for those who have a wonderful hair day.



The popularity of food-related photos and videos have made food content marketing big business. For example, “how to cook it” entered the top 10 search phrases on YouTube in 2017.

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The demand for food content means, which isn't surprising, that the list of the best Instagram hashtags for 2018 contains a lot of food-flavored tags.



This one speaks for itself.



Sharing content is part of what makes social media work. The #repost tag indicates content you’re sharing from another user.

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Many fitness bloggers use Instagram for motivation and education.



This tag works great in tandem with other sport-related tags.



Instagram is a place for many motivational photos, from people working out to funny posters that decorate offices around the world. The #motivation tag is an excellent way to show someone they should "hang in there."

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Give your friend a camera, and magic sunset can happen. A bright horizon is a common scene on Instagram, but it never gets old.

Final thought: there are always people

Using the best Instagram hashtags for 2018 increases the possibility of someone seeing your content, but you still require exceptional content in the first place. These are the best hashtags, and therefore many people are using them constantly, so your content is going to be competing for recognition with tons of other photos and videos. There’s no replacement for taking great shots that point up on the page. Firstly, focus on content, and, secondly, thoughtfully select the correct hashtags to boost exposure.

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