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The way SpamGuard put things right.

The way SpamGuard put things right.

Everything should be in order, not taking in account creative chaos. We are talking about fresh head, clear mind and of course order while using Instagram. Especially on Instagram. We recommend our users to use our collaboration service SpamGuard.


SpamGuard - is an easy service, which will sort out the mess in your followers and followings lists just with a few clicks. Let us explain how it works.


In the ideal world of pink glasses you only have people who are interested, the newsfeed with only exciting and well-matched posts.



In the real world you get these followers:


  1. Soulless bots (robots)   
  2. Impersonal business-profiles
  3. Profiles without any activity


And if you check out the posts of account which is several years old, you might find something that is not interesting right here and right now, you’ll never even recall which post made you  start following this profile back then.


Instagram made the first step towards optimization by launching the smart feed, but it wasn’t enough, was it? SpamGuard works for quality not for quantity.  


Who needs SpamGuard and order on Instagram?


For business accounts


Bots (robots), dead profiles and accounts, which don’t interact with your content, who will never buy anything from you. They also can be a reason of low envelopment, because the smart Instagram feed can consider you uninteresting, and it will spoil statistics. =)


For SMM-specialists


Get rid off the mess in your clients’ accounts just for a few minutes. In SpamGuard user account you can work with several accounts simultaneously. You don’t need to do anything manually and no need to work with every account one by one.



For bloggers


You need enthusiastic users and live conversations in comments. Leave only those followers who are really interested in you, so advertisers will be actively interested in you. Do you understand what we mean, don’t you?


For everybody who wants to get the maximum impression and benefit from Instagram.


Get rid off all trash from your newsfeed with a few clicks. Leave only interesting accounts and profiles of close friends in your followings, those lives which you really wanna follow.


With help of SpamGuard you can:

  1. Remove bots (robots) from Instagram followers
  2. Remove business-accounts
  3. Remove inactive users
  4. Unfollow uninteresting accounts with one click
  5. Unfollow uncommon followings
  6. Unfollow dead accounts, those who never posted for ages  


Control panel on SpamGuard


  1. Sign up easily and add your account to the control panel.   
  2. Launch account analysis, so SpamGuard algorithms will find:


  1. Bots (robots)
  2. Business accounts
  3. Uncommon followers
  4. Accounts which don’t interact with your content for more than a month
  5. Profiles without activity for a month


3) You can look through profiles which service didn’t like, and add in whitelist those which you don’t need to delete.

4) Pick the account types you want to remove from your profile, and launch the service. You’ll be asked for a verification to confirm your account rights.

5) See the reports: who, how many whom and for what was deleted.



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