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Tips for staying active on Instagram

Tips for staying active on Instagram

28 Jun 2020 Business

Low engagement is a very common problem for many business accounts. Even if your subscribers are earned honestly, it is possible that some of them will forget about you in the near future. And you need to stir them up on time, give them motivation to go to your profile, watch your stories and, perhaps, buy something from you.

What will help establish the asset in the profile

Regular posting

It will not be a revelation to anyone that regular posts keep your subscribers active. Because of this, you should not try to do several posts a day, uploading meaningless photos and filling up the subscribers' feed with your stories. Regular is not daily. You can send updates several times a week, and this will be quite enough - the main thing is not to disappear for weeks or months, but to maintain some kind of schedule.

Text posts

Comments are as important to a blogger and business account as likes. And in order to provoke an active discussion under the posts, you need to be able to write them. More information and more questions - more response.

This is especially useful for online schools and professionals who need to demonstrate their knowledge.


Celebrities also often ask questions to their audience or write provocative texts. But if you are not a media person, it is better not to create controversial situations.

Do not forget about direct

The messaging feature is a good indicator of how active a profile is. If users who are somehow interested in your product do not respond for several hours, then they will quickly lose interest. They will probably decide that you are already inactive and abandoned your business. Although, it would seem, everyone can have their own affairs.

Try not to ignore anyone - everyone is important. Except, perhaps, outright trolls.


Contests are a very popular event, which significantly increases the activity of subscribers and ensures their growth. However, this also has a downside - sometimes such a quick take-off ends in the same quick drop. Therefore, it is not worth confining oneself to jokes alone, otherwise people will come to you only for free. As with other methods of maintaining activity, this one also needs to be used wisely.



Please note - contests are very different from simple gives. Even the simplest challenge requires efforts that radically change the conditions of the game. Now, participants are required to participate actively, which immediately excludes bots that are found in givas. If you want to protect yourself from unwanted activity, it is best to use this particular draw method. However, if you have a small audience, then it is better to postpone this method for a round number.

Video, story and live broadcasts

Use the tools that Instagram gives you. Moreover, they really help to maintain activity. Storis appear in the user's general tape, which automatically switches from one profile to another; videos usually collect more views; live broadcasts are of interest and also for the time of live broadcast brings you to the first place in the tape.

Clean your profile

Inactive people are an anchor to the bottom. Do not spare the bots and commercial accounts that came to you due to massfollowing. Those who do not like and do not comment on posts, and do not even go into your profile, are an unnecessary burden that reduces the rate of engagement. Because of this, you have posts below in the tape, and entries in the tops do not go out, and hashtags don't bring a new audience.

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