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Top 10 Instagram E-Commerce Trends That Matters in 2019

Top 10 Instagram E-Commerce Trends That Matters in 2019

Why Choose Instagram to Boost Your E-commerce Marketing

Instagram is proving a great platform, not just for individuals but also for businesses. The fact is that images and videos play a significant role in the art of selling rather than plain text. For that reason, e-commerce businesses are using the fact to their maximum.

The stats of Instagram speak of itself. There are over 1 billion people currently on Instagram, and 80% of users follow at least one brand. If you own a brand, you can sell your products with great engagement and conversion rates by using the platform.

In brief, Instagram has great selling features and ways. These have become the e-commerce trends in 2019. Brands are using them to get the most of out their e-commerce marketing efforts.

In this article, we help you in knowing more about these trends. We are sure it will promote your business and lead to more customers. 

Top 10 Instagram Trends That Lift-Up Your E-commerce Marketing

1. Make Use of Instagram Shopping Features

As of today, Instagram has great shopping features that enable users to explore the products. They can also buy them via a link to external websites. They can also purchase directly inside the app via the in-app checkout feature.

As a business, you can also share your best products through posts and stories and have people find different products in Search and Explore. It is also easy to set-up the shopping features on the platform. This is becoming one of the hottest trends of Instagram as more and more brands are using the features.

2. Get Moving with Authentic Videos

Product images are still a great way to sell. But more and more brands are turning towards showing authentic videos of products as the content on business pages. This helps to attract more potential buyers who are browsing the feeds. The videos need to be real and showcase real-world experiences of their products without too much tuning.

We are witnessing more original videos from many different brands on Instagram. This has become a way to get more engagement and sales.

3. Show Proofs & Post Content from Your Customers

When buying through Instagram, most people want social proofs. It means more credible evidence that the product they are buying is worthy of purchase. This is the reason more companies encourage customers to post user-generated content in the form of images, videos, and comments.

Many potential customers make purchasing decisions based on user-generated content. This trend has become a necessity if you want to prosper on the platform.

4. Read & Respond to Your Followers’ Comments

We talk about another trend that is extremely important for your brand to flourish: react to the comments of your followers sincerely. This allows you to praise existing customers for using the products. You can also solve their problems or queries related to your brand.

This will also help in a better understanding of the products you are selling among the customers.

5. Be Responsible with Hashtags 

You would be surprised to know that nearly 70% of hashtags come from brands on Instagram. They help in promoting your brand. However, overusing will harm your page. It may form an inappropriate opinion about your brand on people.


As a business, you must use them in your posts. It helps people to find your content more easily. It would also lead to higher engagement meaning more potential buyers would know about your products.

Make sure that a unique hashtag must be simple, most trendy, easy to understand, and an eye-catching word or phrase. Give the time for creating an attractive hashtag; otherwise, acquire the assistance of professional service like academist help or maybe your friend. Keep in mind that it plays a vital role in attracting the followers hence boost the sales.

6. Utilize Instagram Stories to Maximum

Instagram Stories have become one of the most widely used features on the platform. As a brand, this feature allows your followers to remain engaged. Further, new audiences can know more about your products while discovering your content. 

The fact is that about 500 million accounts use Instagram Stories to upload their content daily.

Instagram Stories allows you to create content in different modes, apart from photos and videos. These include typing text to live streams.

7. Use Influencer Marketing to Push Your Brand 

One of the ways through which companies are pushing their brands is through influencer marketing. It means they are using people who have a large number of followers on Instagram. They use these people for marketing the products to the target audience in an authentic way. 

Here’s a proven fact about this type of marketing in 2019. 72% of users on Instagram said viewing something on the app led them making purchases regarding beauty, fashion or style.

Companies are in constant look-up of influencers to post content of their products. This has changed the e-commerce scenario on Instagram in 2019.

8. Make Catalog-Style Content for Your Products

Many companies are introducing catalog-style content to showcase their product lineup. This is especially very useful if you have many products.


This trend is helping companies to attract potential buyers and leading to more checkout through in-app purchases. The catalog-style content is in the form of an organized list with images and videos. Further, prices are also mentioned.  This is more useful when exploring products.

9. Measure Your Marketing Performance with Instagram Metrics

The platform has several metrics through which you can measure your marketing performance. It’s a great way to find out how things are going. What can be done to boost your marketing efforts further?

Some of these metrics are engagement, follower growth, comments received, reach, most engaged hashtags, and Instagram stories metrics. In short to the length of an abstract, regular analyzing has become a trend to know where you are heading.

10. Learn from Top-Performing E-commerce Brands

It’s always a good idea to see how top-performing brands are driving their engagement and boost sales on Instagram. One of the best ways to flourish is to learn and grasp from the marketing efforts of other companies. You can use that to promote your own brand. This is how healthy competitions develop between different brands.

Final Thoughts: 

Summing up, Instagram is a great and ever-growing social network for marketing. As a business, you need to apply the best marketing practices on the platform. Then we are more than sure you will prosper on this network, and your efforts will pay off.


Author Bio:

Claudia Jeffrey is a Content Strategist for assignment writing service named King Essay. She is a marketing graduate and loves writing about technology trends, marketing, and social media platforms. Claudia is an avid researcher who likes to look up what’s hot in digital marketing. She also enjoys following other people’s experiences.

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