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Top fitness bloggers and their secret of success

Top fitness bloggers and their secret of success

28 Oct 2020 Other

Fitness is a popular topic on Instagram, just like any other content from the "beauty and health" section. After all, everyone at least once in their life had the idea that they need to immediately do fitness, find a good trainer and marathon with him every day?

The sports side of Instagram

Instagram is full of real coaches with high work experience who use a profile to promote services - personal training, signing up for a gym, and so on. Models share their fitness routine, but for them this is no longer a PR method, so you should not expect clear explanations, recommendations for different categories of people and, in principle, actively promoting this topic. And, of course, there is no way to ignore professional athletes, for whom constant training is a way of life that does not stop for a minute. Observing their everyday life seriously motivates you to get off the couch and start doing something!

Top fitness bloggers

Motivation is, of course, great thing. But for those who came for practical training and advice, below is a selection of bloggers and trainers.


Christie is a Nike trainer ready to share her workouts and results. The exercises that she shows are often simple - even a beginner can perform them, but how much benefit from this set of training! On her page you can also find interesting observations from personal experience, podcasts, beautiful bows, books and a lot of interesting things.


The co-founder of the fitness app SWEAT perfectly proves the fact that people who know and love what they do are behind his creations. The videos that Kayla shares with her subscribers are dynamic and extremely understandable. Of course, in her profile she shares not only workouts, but also very useful posts on the topic of nutrition, as well as motivational pictures that are difficult to simply scroll through.


If you do not have the ability or desire to go to the gym, then this blogger is already in a hurry to help you. Every day, Stuf publishes unique workouts for a cheerful start to the day and maintaining a tone. They are simple, but intense enough to gradually improve your body every day. And to make the workouts even more enjoyable, the girl was very worn out with the profile design. Just look, what a beauty!


Cas's amazing account cannot be ignored. First, it's beautiful. Secondly, it is useful. Text posts accompanied by beautiful soothing photos of a paradise beach set you in an inspired mood. The perfect mood for your first yoga class.

What is the secret of success?

How do fitness bloggers become so popular?

Most of them earn their audience in an honest way - with useful content, posts, collaboration with applications and mutual PR. The demand for this topic has always been high.

The influx of the audience in this case is highly dependent on charisma. Hardly anyone will like to see suffering instead of pleasure from studying, a dull look instead of eyes full of inspiration. Confidence and self-love attracts people like a magnet. To some extent, these qualities are more characteristic of professionals who have made sports their earnings or even their lives.

When running a fitness blog, innovative solutions are important that fit harmoniously next to the opinion of experts. Rereading what has already been written many times is a waste of time; it is better to open someone else's experience and get acquainted with other people's mistakes, solutions that may be useful to someone. Subscribers who are just going to start playing sports are in search of something convenient specifically for them, so they sort out bloggers and look for the perfect one. This is the taste and color.

Someone cares about the appearance of a model, because her figure is the end result of the training that she shares. And some people want to enjoy the design - do not underestimate the aesthetic needs.


The topic of fitness is relevant on Instagram, especially in the midst of a pandemic, when everyone is switching to home workouts. It's time to find the motivation to get out of the computer chair and warm up with your favorite blogger! If, of course, withstand at least half of its usual warming up. And follow our blog for helpful information. 

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