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Turning Instagram into online trading platform

Turning Instagram into online trading platform

In 2019 Instagram decided to improve some kinds of abilities of promotion and selling goods for various brands from 46 countries. Before it was just a test-mode, now all customers can use tags and separate channel for the shopping.

This channel looks like an online store, not like regular Instagram tape. The platform knows user preferences and presents products that should be interested to separate one.

Stories received update also. Now tag “Shopping” is available in this area. After you click it, you can start to buy some interesting to you goods. Business and commercial tags now can be easily added to general posts.

It all means that Instagram can compete with such online trading platform like Aliexpress and Amazon. Besides it, this network has a strong advantage – you make fewer clicks to buy something and you have no need to visit trading sites. Everything you need is available right in the service that you enter every hour.

Stories – here we go
Now Stories is one of the most important parts in the network ecosystem. You scroll news down and Stories don’t disappear, they still remain at the top of the tape. Besides it, the icons of them became larger. You can view Stories like regular photos.

This large role of Stories of course connects with marketing. For example, brands create some new own stickers using the Giphy. It helps during promotion their goods. Questions and sliders can help to increase audience engagement also, but stickers are on the top of dealing with attracting attention and motivating to buy.

Advertisements in Stories

This format is quite popular, but users prefer to see some content of their friends. In this case, they will miss advertisements. However, brands try to experiment with the Stories. To promote goods, all ads shouldn’t be too intrusive. They should focus on the tastes of separate user.

Stories can help to make useful and attractive review of products. Also there can be sharing Stories with other brands. Important thing – Stories that show daily life of the companies make brands close and more human to customers.

Increasing functions of Direct

Another change connects with Direct. For example, position of the link that leads to the messenger transformed. Some new things like gifs and video calling were added.

Now it is available opportunity of making private content to share it with only close friends.

It shows Instagram desire to compete with famous messengers like Viber and Telegram. This service becomes more and more wide-spread with more and more abilities.

World and Instagram

Few years ago no one thought about social network seriously. Nowadays business tries to optimize their dealing to have Instagram audience. If you are owner of café of restaurant and nobody takes pictures inside it, it is a big fail.

Some Austrian designers presented special guide for “Instagram design”. It helps businessmen optimize everything (for example, indoor lighting) specially for Instagram users and their photos.

Useful content for increasing post reaching

The section of “Saved” highly increases the role of content in the network. You can save posts in bookmarks and view them again later. These actions increase post reaching because it is interaction with the profiles.

Now it is not enough just make some entertainment content for promotion. You should vary it with reviews, videos, recipes and etc.

A lot of profiles compete with you, so you should be original. You can track some related posts from competitors and analyze it. Try to make you content simple and interesting.

Long-term collaboration with bloggers

Days, when one single ad in some celebrities account made a good promotion effect, are gone. Now users don’t want to trust this kind of ads. If you want to associate your brand with any celebrity or way of life, your content should be in audience profiles constantly. It means more costs and rigorous selection to promotion.

Short vertical video

It was unacceptable to make this kind of videos before, but now, when Stories has been developing, this format becomes more and more famous and successful. Good promotion needs in vertical videos, where all important details are located in the center of screen. Besides it, short videos are attractive for users.

Augmented Reality

This technology is highly increasing now due to improving the artificial intelligence. Before you could only put some funny masks or effects on the face or body during making Stories.

Nowadays this technology is necessary in promotion deal. The best example is making special filters that allow cosmetics manufactures show their clients abilities of the goods, especially how they will look when they use their products.

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