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Visual trends in 2021: what will change?

Visual trends in 2021: what will change?

29 Nov 2020 Tips and life hacks

A year has passed, but the trends, in general, all remain. It is unlikely that next year we will see some innovations, completely new daring decisions and a complete revolution of consciousness. The world is not up to it now. However, if you haven't done a rebranding for a long time and feel the need for it, then update your knowledge about the current visual trends of Instagram and etc.


Minimalism will not leave us for a long time. Now, as in the years before, it is fashionable to leave a lot of light space and add a minimum of text to pictures. It's the same with posts - it's better to be short and to the point than vice versa. Bend your head that diluting your stream of thoughts with a bunch of emoji is no longer desirable.

If you have your own business, then there should be simplicity in interacting with you. A person who wants to buy something from you or use the services should quickly navigate the page. No news of new arrivals mixed with the necessary information for each customer! By the way, since we are talking about business, it is worth mentioning another current trend.

Chatbots, 2-click pay

Many users have chosen to interact with chatbots over real people. There are a number of reasons for this: the chatbot responds quickly, it is always online and, if done well, does not evoke any emotion. Everything is strict - I entered, ordered, paid. Of course, there are still many people who are more comfortable talking with real people, and relying only on a bot is a failed strategy. But if you have not yet decided whether it is worth it or not, then here's a tip: worth it, introduce new technologies into the sales process.


Video content has become a priority over static images, especially in business. Animation is also becoming more relevant - after all, we are in the age of technology! Liven up your posts. Any photo with appropriately used animations attracts more followers.

Flat figures

No volume with black edges! Forget black shadows altogether. Better make a choice towards flat lettering. If it's too simple, you want to add something - add gradients, which, by the way, are now almost the most trendy thing.

2D abstraction

Surely you have seen these illustrations with hypertrophied features and absurd plot more than once. Well, this is also a trend! It is largely due to the fact that the creation of this kind of sketches does not require a lot of time and effort, and one artist can make many such drawings at a fairly low price. There are even makers:

This direction of drawing actually has much more reason to exist than simplicity and cheapness, but that's another story.

Sans serif fonts

Forget Times New Roman. Throw out of your mind all the beautiful handwritten fonts, the letters on which are not always easy to read. The text should be simple and understandable, but at the same time damn varied - in size, color, slope. Give up textures and cartoons, learn to choose a font based on the little things that are sometimes even invisible. Believe me, for any self-respecting designer, he plays a significant role in design.

The design is experiencing some stagnation, so from year to year we see the same thing. But there are people who know how to do not just “what looks good”, but a whole work of art. And they probably would have “failed” on all points of this article, but it didn’t matter. Because this is something completely new that we missed so much. When will there be new trends, minimalism will go out of style, will serif fonts return? Who knows. Time will tell.

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