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What are collaborations and why they are so popular?

What are collaborations and why they are so popular?

Nowadays Instagram is not just a social network with photos, it turned into a platform for doing business. A huge number of users who constantly use the social network are a tasty morsel for everyone who wants to sell their goods or services. The potential of Instagram has not been exhausted yet, and the arrival of large well-known companies on the site only encourages the administration to simplify the possibility of doing business.

One of the most important aspects of business is marketing, and Instagram is no exception. The world brands have their own name, smaller companies or individual entrepreneurs either have to invest heavily in advertising or use free, but more time-consuming and energy-intensive ways to promote. Their number includes massfollowing, massliking, targeting and others.

But the fact that serious companies are already known all over the world is not always enough for them. Advertising is never superfluous, so from time to time they resort to it. This article focuses on this type of marketing, which is often used by global brands. It is called collaborations.

By the way, they are also becoming popular among not-so-promoted companies. However, there are nuances without which collaborations may not be very effective at low levels of fame. All of this, as well as how such interaction will help beginners and slightly more experienced businessmen, will be discussed below.

What are collaborations and how do they work

So, this type of marketing is the interaction of different users of Instagram and brands. The essence of such advertising is very clear - some famous person, a leader of opinions, collaborates with one of the brands; due to this, everyone is the winner. This applies to both celebrity receiving a fee and brands promoting their product. Subscribers of the social network will learn about new arrivals, and the credibility of the celebrity encourages the purchase of these products.

However, it is not all so simple. In general, for successful sales it is necessary that at least two factors coincide - sufficient popularity of the advertising person and exact awareness of what the consumer wants. It is the reason why non-famous bloggers or brands may not get enough effect. Of course, we are not talking about such collaborations as cooperation between Kanye West and Adidas. These are two incredibly popular names, with a huge number of subscribers and customers, so the deafening success of such advertising was initially almost guaranteed.

Then what collaborations will help beginners and not yet developed users or brands? We come to the second definition of this cooperation - mutual promotion.

How can you do this kind of promotion

This interaction can be useful both to two developing brands or bloggers, and to one of them. In the second case, it is important to collaborate with companies or users already known in the market. Below we offer some cooperation schemes for different types of commercial activities:

  • Mutual PR of two people working in the same field but in different directions. For example, these are artists or illustrators. One of them creates beautiful pictures of people, the other one specializes in landscapes. As a result, you can create collaborative content, post on both accounts and share an audience, increasing engagement;

  • Attempt to contact the brand. Take the same illustrators. Some attractive images associated with a particular brand may attract their attention; Also available option to independently contact them. Quite often, well-known companies publish in their favorite work, along the way the PR of their performers;

  • Advertising goods through a blogger. Something similar to the first option, but the main difference is work in different directions. It is also desirable that cooperating parties are already fairly well-known, otherwise such a barter may be disadvantageous to one of them, and it is easier to get money for their services. For example, a blogger with an already gained audience advertises products of a company producing sports shoes or clothing, and in return receives goods as a gift, as well as recognition among customers and subscribers of a specified brand. In the same way, a blogger and a cafe or gym owner can work together.

Also, do not forget about the purely Instagram methods of information exchange:

  • Hashtags;
  • Direct messages;
  • Marks on the photo;
  • Likes and comments.

These are the basic principles of this interaction. Based on them, you can create, for example, some combinations that are suitable specifically for you. Agree and collaborate!

Use efficiency

Best of all, this parameter is estimated by the fact that examples of collaborations are becoming more and more, and not only on Instagram. When even such individuals and brands as the aforementioned West and Adidas are involved, it becomes clear that cooperation is very beneficial.

A good example is the @itsdougthepug and Justin Bieber collaboration. According to the account owner, a photo of a famous singer with a badge of their album “that day brought 60,000 new subscribers.”

We can also note Yigit Özçakmak - the works of this illustrator became popular due to repost of creativity from Ariana Grande.

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