What are gives and are they harmless?

What are gives and are they harmless?

29 May 2020 Business

Contests and flash mobs are a common way to earn subscribers and stay active. However, this category of promotion has a radical part - the so-called giveaway. Many people are used to thinking that the game is worth the candle, because the huge increase in subscribers from such an event really speaks for itself. But not everything is as simple as we would like to think.

What is gives

Give is a generous lottery with a huge number of sponsors. The structure of the gives is no longer similar to a regular rally that can be turned in one or two days - no, this is a much more complex system with which several people participate. This is mainly the organizer of the giva, ambassador and sponsors.

Giveaways are stellar, blogging, thematic and circular. It depends on who the ambassador is and how the giv happens.


What is the problem of the gives?

And the problem is deceptive numbers. Alas, many bloggers are dizzy about how many people go and subscribe to their Instagram account, and they completely forget that this is a very fast fame. When you participate in givas, there is a noticeable increase in all indicators, but it is short-lived. After a quick take-off, a no less rapid drop begins - people unsubscribe en masse, because your content is not interesting to them. Moreover, there is a risk of losing the audience that was subscribed to you before, because with such an event you will lose their loyalty.

This is especially true of star and blogger gives, who usually choose the prize that everyone wants. IPhone and cars attract everyone, from schoolchildren to senior citizens, and there can be no talk of any target audience.

Themed givas can save you from this problem, but there are a few more. Similar in content topics will not save you from mass unsubscriptions, because most of the participants in giva are freeloaders who are not configured to buy.

Many cite the fact that it is very cheap as an argument in favor of the effectiveness of this method. With a successful gives, it may turn out that the subscriber cost you less than the few cent. But this is only with luck. Otherwise, its cost may amount to all 1 dollar, and bots will be rolled up for you.

Gives is not a panacea that will pump any account, and this must be understood. Therefore, if you decide to use this method of promotion, then soberly assess the situation, evaluate the pros and cons. Perhaps for you the giv will turn out to be a powerful push up.

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