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What cheating doesn't work on Instagram and how to use the best service for the promotion

What cheating doesn't work on Instagram and how to use the best service for the promotion

Instagram company has recently announced the beginning of an active struggle with various kinds of cheating.

According to Instagram, all likes and comments made by suspicious accounts will be deleted. In addition, Instagram has changed the account development algorithm. Now it makes no sense to wind up likes, as it becomes popular only in case of complex high activity on your page. In connection with the foregoing, many cheating methods have become inoperative.

Instagram promotion is now possible in several ways. The most effective service is Zen-promo. The program has collected all the tools that help to promote your Instagram page. Zen-promo is not a cheating app. This is a set of solutions with the help of which your account will see really interested followers. Accordingly, these people won't be bots. They will begin to show interest in your photos, like them and leave comments. In addition, these people can be from your city.

At the moment, Zen-promo PRO is the best tool of its kind for gathering an audience on your Instagram account that will help you in a number of tasks:

  1. To automate the promotion. You can instruct the service to do certain tasks on your account.
  2. Service is in the cloud. That is, doesn't need any PC installation.
  3. Simple customization.
  4. Provides only live TA. Clear audience targeting by your filters.
  5. Safety guarantee. The service is reliably protected from hacking and works on algorithms unknown for Instagram developers. Accordingly, you can't afraid of blocking.
  6. Options for business accounts. When using Instagram as a page for selling goods, this service is ideal. The average statistics is that the money spent pays off in a couple of weeks.
  7. Online support. You will never be left alone with an open question. The support service is always active on social networks, online chat, email.


To start working with this program, you need to register on zen-promo.com. To register, click "Try for free" or immediately buy the subscription you need.

Enter your login details: email and password.

After passing the registration and email confirmation we are beginning the work.

The first step is to add your Instagram account by clicking on the plus button.

We advise you to immediately disable two-factor authentication, as it will interfere with the service by constant errors in the form of account dislodge. A big advantage of the service is the “Money freeze” function. Its essence is as follows: at the time when you don't use Zen-promo, regardless of the connected tariff, money isn't withdrawn.

To switch to Pro mode, you need to press the corresponding button on the panel.

Target audience searching on Zen-promo

Targeting can be customized using geography and hashtags by searching competitors accounts.

It's possible to select the time of account promotion by analyzing the activity of the audience you need.

Action panel and its finishing

In the panel you can see the following sections:

  2. Follows.
  3. Unfollows.
  5. Blacklist.
  6. Whitelist.

When setting up a likes section, you can add the following options:

  1. Mutual likes (your account likes an account that has liked you).
  2. You can make the service evaluate more than one photo per account.
  3. Like your own followers: Zen-promo will be evaluating recently added posts of your readers.
  4. Also, the service can rate comments instead of photo rating.
  5. Zen-promo can evaluate comments under your posts.

When the subscription option is enabled Zen-promo will add to your page accounts that match your criteria. Subscriptions can be configured automatically, without filters or mutual ones.

There is a function “Hide posts”, which removes from your feed posts from the accounts you don't follow.

There is an option that excludes people' posts in your subscriptions. The "Unfollow" option unsubscribes from the pages that you previously added to your following list. This is done in order to avoid exceeding the limited number of subscriptions - 7500 users.

Comments. A feature of auto-posting comments to accounts.

Naturally, you can change the text to be sent.

Blacklist. There should be a list of pages for which you don't need to follow an account.

White list. We need to create a list of contacts from which you can't unfollow your page.


Setting limits.

It's possible to set limits on absolutely any criterion per day. You can also set the time for pauses when you don't need to mail all this.


Search criteria

The possibilities of more focused targeting are in pro-mode. You can customize gender, reject commercial or private accounts, low-active users. The service has created a special blog, where it notifies about important news on Instagram.

Useful tips will haunt you in the form of short messages.

This will help you understand in more detail all the service tools.

In addition, the site has the "Guide" section, where you can always familiarize yourself with all your questions. If you don't find the answer, then in the lower left, lower right corners and on the side, on the right there will be special buttons using which you can ask a question.

Previously Instagram cheating was a popular activity, but totally it's ineffective. Now, these methods don't work at all:

  1. Creating fake accounts to add comments and likes. Instagram now quickly identifies such accounts and removes their likes.
  2. Use of bots. Previously, there were working bots exchanges where you could order likes that come from bot-accounts. The algorithm for determining them was also recently launched by the company, so the success of cheating won't be crowned.
  3. A variety of programs and telegram bots, which, in fact, are the same bot-exchanges, but more automated.

There are more working schemes, such as mass-following. This is a natural method of promotion. Its essence lies in the mass subscription to other pages, so that they do the same thing or simply go to your account. Statistics says that 6% of 100% of all your requests will follow you. At the moment, this method is the most effective. However, it'll take a long time to do everything manually. Zen-promo does the same automatically, saving your time as much as possible. For example, by analytics, because Zen-promo has such a tool as a Parser.

The parser helps you to cut your TA into sections, regardless of whether you need it for personal or commercial purposes. This is done by a special algorithm using service user base. The technique can quickly handle large flows of information about web resources. Then the program automatically accentuates the fragments you need.

One of the main advantages of the pro version is the extended hashtag targeting.

The bottom line is that you can add hashtags from a file list. At first glance, it's a trifling thing, but you can collect the necessary hashtags on a third-party resource that will form seo-requests. After they can be unloaded from there to your Zen-promo account, saving a lot of time. In addition, the service independently selects the recommended hashtags. Its analysis is based on in-depth analytics using special algorithms.

Summing up, we can understand that various illegal methods of cheating are too dangerous for your account and aren't very effective. Accordingly, if you understand the various services, Zen-promo Pro mode is clearly highlighted in all respects. Offering a bunch of promotion tools and guaranteeing payback of 2 weeks, it looks very attractive.

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