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Who is an Instagram sponsor and how to become one

Who is an Instagram sponsor and how to become one

31 Jul 2020 Tutorial

Giveaway - distribution of prizes, for participation in which you need to subscribe to the specified pages on Instagram. A lot of people like Instagram contests, sponsored by gifts and cash bonuses.

Give - pros and cons

A raffle or competition for subscribers can be organized by any blog. Large givas with sponsors hold accounts with a large number of Insta subscribers: stars, influencers, promoted bloggers and brands. The answer to the question of what a sponsor is and why is one needed on Instagram for a contest or a drawing is obvious. From the host - audience, from sponsors - prizes.

The influx of new faces on the sponsor's blog after a give can be very big: it depends on the scale of the drawing, the value of the prizes, the number of the audience involved. But the quality of new subscribers is low - a large percentage of bots, random people who are not really interested in the goods-services offered on the blog. But the percentage of "engaged" page subscribers will inevitably decrease. Most "fresh" followers will unsubscribe from the page after the give is over.

Who will the gives help

A giveaway on Instagram will not help to attract buyers to a specific point of geography: the audience of the participants in the giveaways is too diverse both in composition and place of residence.

But a business operating across the country or at least a city, with a wide range of potential target audience (without reference to gender and age), may well benefit. The main thing is that the offer in the blog, which tens of thousands of new people have subscribed to to participate in the drawing, should interest them.

How to become a giveaway sponsor on Instagram

Participation in a giveaway as a sponsor goes something like this:

  1. You can contact the organizing bloggers directly (found by request in the Instagram search engine): “I will become a sponsor”, or contact the producer, representative agency. To resolve organizational issues related to the drawing, closed chats are created in instant messengers. Help: the question of how to find a sponsor on Instagram, the easiest way to solve it is also in chats or groups, where "instagrammers" interested in promoting blogs gather.
  2. Details are being discussed: how the give will be on Instagram, the number of prizes for the participants, what kind of prizes they are (money, gifts, souvenirs).
  3. Payment for the services of the leader of the drawing depends on the promised number of future followers. Before the start of the campaign, sponsors make screenshots of account pages for further measurement of the "arrived" audience.
  4. After settling technical issues and prepayment, the give organizer holds a drawing on Instagram.

It is necessary to think over the strategy of working with attracted followers in advance - to work out the content, to increase the attractiveness of the Insta account. Give "players" may be obliged not only to subscribe to the sponsors' pages, but also to like and write comments.

The sponsor of the post or give on Instagram pays a fee, the amount of which depends on the projected influx of subscribers, for example, "one ruble per item." Often, if the prepayment exceeded the result obtained (they planned to attract 20 thousand to the page, but only 10 subscribed), the rest of the money is returned.

There are communities on Instagram that specialize in simple classic giveaways, they give constant advertising: "I am looking for sponsors for the rally on Instagram."


A give can be not only “personalized” (carried out by one person or brand), but also “group”, when several companies or persons jointly launch a drawing, exchanging the target audience of accounts. Sometimes the recruitment of sponsors is slow, and the competition on Instagram starts only with a set of the required amount.

Before deciding on sponsorship, you need to assess what a give is, whether it is suitable for promoting a specific product or service on Instagram. Bloggers-stars attract mass audiences in the short term. But participation in a giveaway, which gives only a temporary influx of "readers" to the page on Instagram, can be a waste of effort and money.


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