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Who is the target client in Instagram

Who is the target client in Instagram

The target client is a client whose needs are fully satisfied by some organization or enterprise. Lists of such clients are made in special client databases.

The concept of “target customer” is very important for the company because they effectively increase its sales, cover expenditures on advertising, preparation of transactions, service and soliciting new clients.

The target customer is a client whose needs are fully satisfied by the organization or enterprise.

Lists of such clients are made in special client databases. But first, you need to find them. One of the most effective ways is the use of social networks. In this article, we will analyze the most optimal ways of attraction.

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Targeting is an advertising mechanism that allows you to select from all available audience only those people who meet the specified criteria (target audience) and show advertising to them.

Targeting Types

Selection of advertising sites. It's the most popular type of targeting which is carried out by the selection of advertising sites in a way that their visitors match the target audience.

Thematic targeting. Showing ads on websites that are relevant to a particular topic.

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Targeting by interests (contextual advertising). Advertising in accordance with the interests of chosen visitors.

Geo-targeting. Showing ads to the target audience is limited to a certain geographic region selected by the advertiser.

Local targeting. Commercial appears before the target audience, located within a radius from 900 meters to 15 kilometers. [1] Since 2014, the concept of hyper-local targeting is also used, which means target ad impressions on all devices that appear in a certain area around a location point, while the radius of such a zone can technically be as small as desired.

Time targeting (morning or evening, weekday or weekend). Allows you to limit the display of advertising in time during the day, week, year.

Socio-demographic targeting — by age, gender, income, position, etc.

The limitation of impressions to one user allows you to adjust the number of advertising media to one unique user in the process of his interaction with the advertising platform. Most often used in banner advertising with pay for 1000 impressions.

Behavioral targeting. The most promising tendency to date. Its main purpose is the introduction of a mechanism for getting information about user actions on the Internet using cookies. The information is collected in the so-called profiles and contains data about browsed sites, search queries, online purchases, etc. After receiving such a profile, the advertising service can clearly visualize the portrait of the object, learn its habits and preferences, become the owner of contact information.

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Geo-Behavioral targeting. The concept is first mentioned by AlterGeo. The essence of it is that knowing about the movements of the subject (the exact location right up to the institution where the subject is located, are able to identify modern geosocial services, for example, AlterGeo) and stops (“geotags” or “check-ins”) at some points, you are able to clearly visualize his habits and preferences. Example number 1: if the subject goes to pubs, then beer certainly interests him. Example number 2: If the subject goes to an institution of a certain type, then another institution of the same type probably interests him.

Direct and indirect targeting

Direct targeting is aimed at choosing the target audience that is directly interested in the proposed product or service. Indirect targeting intended for an audience that is desirable for products or services that are interconnected with the proposed type.

Search Query Analysis

Search engines provide a unique opportunity for targeting, since their visitors clearly formulate the requirements, and also automatically provide some of the characteristics to the system.

Blogging Tools


Mass-following (which means “follow the crowd”) is a mass subscription to users in order to get attention to your account. It's one of the most common technologies for attracting followers on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

A follower (means: subscriber, reader, fan) is, in simple words, a person who is subscribed to updates of your social network account.

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What are Mass-following and Mass-liking?

The essence of the technology lies in the fact that the person to whom you have subscribed, saw your account, became interested in you and followed mutually (added you as a friend). You can effectively use it to promote your products and services, attract only live and active audience.

Mass-liking is the same thing, only instead of following, you put likes.

You can make bulk subscriptions and likes manually, but most often are used special services. They do the same work with the help of scripts and also automatically.

What does the result depend on?

Connecting a profile to a mass-following program doesn't guarantee a good result since it depends on two components.

Setting parameters in the service

In order for the program bot (script) to start performing actions, you need to set the parameters by which it will search for posts and users. Usually, they are:

  • Hashtags.
  • Followers of a specific user.
  • Geolocation.

It's important that the target audience, which uses hashtags, sets geo-tags and follows some user, corresponds as much as possible with the interests of your profile.

For example, it's very effective to mass-follow on Instagram by followers of your competitor’s account. Once people are following him, they are likely to be interested in your profile.

Zen-promo Parser for Instagram

Zen-promo Parser

Zen-promo Parser collects Instagram accounts by specified parameters and filters the lists for conducting campaigns on Instagram.

The service is able to identify and separate a live audience from bots and inactive "bubble accounts", from which there is no use. Interaction occurs only with living people and at the most effective time. That is, in the end, you get a good involvement.

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