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Your customer reviews: how user generated content helps to make perchasing decisions

Your customer reviews: how user generated content helps to make perchasing decisions

There are many ways to increase sales in Instagram. One of the easiest, budget and long-lasting way is considered customer reviews about your product or service.

Why do we need reviews about products

Statistics show that 88% of users trust company reviews to the same extent as friends' recommendations. 63% of customers agree to buy products only from seller who has reviews.

Feedback, recommendation from other customers are one of the form of social proof, a decisive factor for making a purchase. The quality and quantity of reviews is equally important. For example, before buying a dress in an internet store, a lady will read other customers' reviews in order to understand how the fabric really looks like, whether the product matches the dimensional grid, whether it's well sewn. The received information will help to dispel doubts and maka a decision about a purchase.

The difficulty is that people willingly share negative reviews and very rarely - positive ones. We need to create a good reputation of the company on the Web and to push customers to leave feedback.

How to get the customers' reviews

The best way to get feedback from the customer is to ask directly. Using Zengram service you can make configurations of direct mailing to your new followers. To make it easier for the customer to formulate a review, you can put suggestive questions in the message. Ask them if they used your services, or are just planning to, and if they did, ask them to give answer to several questions:

  • does the product correspond to the description?
  • did the manager communicate in a polite manner?
  • ask to compare with competitors.

You can be sure that in 99% cases the customer will leave a good recommendation.

The responses, where the flaws will be indicated, are also useful. A page with all positive reviews will seem implausible. Client's message will help to find out what processes still need to be improved. If you respond correctly to the negative feedback and make amends for the customer, you can turn a dissatisfied client into a loyal and happy one, and also show to all visitors of your profile your customer focus and axcellent service.

Types of reviews

Depending on the review format, three types can be distinguished:

  • a text review;
  • a photo review;
  • a video review.

A text review is when a customer sends you a message with his/her opinion about the product or service quality, customer service, etc. It's better to post such reviews in the form of a screenshot without confidential information.

Photo reviews - customer photos with the product are well encouraged. This is a great reason to brag to friends that's why many clients will be happy to provide you with this kind of response.

The greatest are video reviews. Presently, this type of recommendation is considered the most convincing and useful. For business profiles this is an opportunity to show the popularity of the product from the point of view of the satisfied customer.

Story viewing of Zengram iz an effective tool to remind your customers who have made a purchase about yourself. In addition, story viewing will help to increase customer loyalty to the brand - it's pleasant when the business with which you interacted shows interest in you.

How to use reviews effectively

To get the customer's feedback is not enough, you need to understand what to do next. Customer reactions should always be in sight - in the tape and in the stories. Posting clients' reviews in the feed plays into your hands:

  • increases engagement - content created by other users always triggers more interactions than content of the brand;
  • encourages other customers to share reviews.

In order that the review doesn't stand out from the profile design, it can be published in the form of a carousel and load the cover decorated in your corporate identity first. Be sure to add a special hashtag to the review, with which client can find and view all the reviews you have posted. For instanse, it may look like #brandname_reviews.

It is also desirable to allocate a section in the eternal stories for reviews. After publishing a review in the stories, fix it in the corresponding section of the highlights. A full section will appear in the profile, where the consumer will be able to create an opinion about the company and dispel doubts before buying.

Checklist for those who want to increase sales on Instagram

In order to receive applications from the social networks consistently, ypu need to optimize your profile in addition to publishing reviews:

  1. Indicate contact information in the profile header.
  2. Indicate your USP in the header. Fast delivery, good service - everything that will help the user from the first seconds that it's the exact company from which they need to buy.
  3. Take out all the important points in the highlights (eternal story). In addition to reviews, there may be answers to the most popular questions about delivery, payment, a list of services. We do not recommend doing this, but some business companies keep there a black list of customers who do not pick up the parcel.
  4. Create the visual design of the profile - the temperature of the photos, the color scheme. If you are selling a physical product - use photos of high quality, preferably show the process of using. Remember that Instagram is a social network with visual content. It sells colorful, lively photos of the product.
  5. Set a profile photo that matches your business. The icon should give clear understanding what exactly you are selling at first glance.

Check your profile: have you done all the points from the list?

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